Désiré 2011 Full Walkthrough (Text only)

Désiré 2011
For those who want a quick fix

1. Talk to the pubic louse AKA a lice.
2. Move to the left of the page and you will see a white glass.
3. The lice will laugh when you can't get it.
4. Now talk to it again.
5. You will now play tic-tac-toe with the pubic louse. Should be quite easy. The louse will always put it on 2, 4, 6 or 8. Assuming he puts it on 8, you should put on 7, 2, 1, 4. And you win! (Just rotate the tic-tac-toe accordingly to what he puts first)

1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6
 7 | 8 | 9 

5. Pick the candle up and use it on clitoris thrice.

6. Take the empty glass

7. Use empty glass with puddle.

8. Then use candle with clitoris again.

9. Pick the glass up.

10. Use the full glass on scissors. 

11. Now, pick the scissors up and use it on the pubic louse

12. Talk to the weird looking guy (Theodore).

13. Talk to Camille at the bar.

14. Talk to Theodore again

15. He will tell you to go back to the bar, and you will magically see an empty glass on the table. Pick it up.

16. Give Camille the empty glass. You will be flashbacked into a room with a lady and a dog. 

17. Talk to Élodie (the lady).

18. Check out Damien's place.

19. Keep clicking on the flowerpot at the door to get a piece of metal.

20. Use the piece of metal with stone to get sharpened piece of metal.

21. Use the sharpened piece of metal on mailbox.

22. Get house key from the mailbox.

23. Use house key with door to get in!

24. Click on the chequebook on the table where the computer is. You will learn that Damien is quite a philanthropist, making regular donations to a charity for abused children.

25. Keep waking and you will hear a cat meowing and it will sit in front of the bookshelf. 

26. Click on the key on kitty. 

27. Open the fridge and take the chicken. 

28. Use chicken with kitty and take the collar key.

29. Use the collar key with the safe which is below the cheque book. Take the letter and read it. You will then somehow teleport to speak with Andy.

30. Click on the hanger to get the hook. 

31. Get the rope beside the curtains. 

32. Now talk to Andy again

33. Use rope with hook.

34. Use the rope & hook with roof.

35. Click on the rope & hook and Désiré will climb to get into the house. 

36. Back to Désiré's POV, go into the bedroom.

37. Go to the hallway. Go to office.

38. Take the new letter from the typewriter. 

39. Click on the bag and you will see Andy's face at the bottom right. Click on Andy to play from his POV.

40. Click on the rope & hook.

41. Use rope & hook on wheel.

42. Use iPad on Andy and he will go up and into the house.

43. Use the iPad on Andy again to dash past the windows.

44. Click on the bedroom.

45. Andy will then get into the bedroom, startling the neighbour. Go to the hallway.

46. Go to the toilets and Andy will realise that he lost his Swiss army knife.

47. Go back to the bedroom and pick up the Swiss army knife.

48. Go back to the hallway. Click the toilets again.

49. Andy will leave his wheelchair. Click on the stairs. 

50. Talk to the neighbour

51. Use letter with neighbour. Désiré will be scolding the neighbour for threatening Damien.

52. Use new letter with neighbour. The neighbour would keep moving back.

53. Go back to Andy's POV.

54. Use iPad with Andy to disarm neighbour! Yay!

55. Talk to the neighbour

56. Use letter with Rocco. Rocco will sniff it, and will help in finding Damien!

57. Talk to Élodie

58. Désiré and Rocco will then teleport to outside Damien's house.

59. Go inside the house and get the scarf, then go out.

60. Use scarf with Rocco. Rocco will end up at the shed.

61. Pick up stone.

62. Use stone on shed handle.

63. Go back to Damien's house to see if you can find anything.. 

64. You will see a fatty. Talk to him

The fatty will somehow talk his way out of things and psych Désiré that society is unfair and he has to live with it. And 2011 ends...

E N D 

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