Nobodies Full Walkthrough (Text Only)

Nobodies is a point and click puzzle game where you have to help to hide bodies and remove all traces of evidence. It is somewhat like an anti-escape room where you try to hide things instead of fine them. 

The story has multiple endings - you can get into all sorts of trouble depending on the choices you make. But no worries, because you can get out of prison and replay the level by watching advertisements. The graphics is good and the storyline is intriguing, but the most interesting thing to me is that it is based on a true story (I wonder what a genius/schemer this guy must be). 

Get it on android here.

There are 5 levels in all. 


Level 1: Laboratory 
Mission: Infiltrate the laboratory and clean up the scene + avoid contact with test animals and be discreet with security staff

*Do not take dead body with you yet*
1. Get the pipette on the desk (in front of the test tubes). 
2. Get the lab coat from the clothes hanger beside the door. 
3. Open the cabinet, use pipette on blue bottle.
4. Use pipette on mouse, which will sleep.
5. Fill the pipette with the blue substance again, and do to the next room.
6. Use pipette on coffee to kill the guard.
7. Get the lead pipe beside the door on the right.
8. Go back to the room with the guard and he will be asleep.
9. Get the dead body from the room.
10. Get the key card from the guard and use it to open the red door.
11. Use lead pipe on valve.
12. Tap on valve to drain the water from the aquarium.
13. Open the door of the aquarium and put the dead body in it.
14. Close the aquarium door and turn the valve.
15. Go back to lab.
16. Return the pipette and lab coat to its original places (clothes hanger and front of test tubes).
16. Tap on the aquarium to see the dead body being eaten by the piranhas. Leave the lab and the level is cleared!


Level 2: Hotel 
Mission: Get to the hotel and make sure that nobody discovers the murder

1. Click the stairs at the left side of the corridor (6 sign) to go to the roof.
2. Click on the control box.
3. Take the pliers.
4. Go back to the corridor.
5. Click the door on the most right.
6. Use pliers on television to get the splitter.
7. Close the door and get the do not disturb and room service signs.
8. Get out of room.
9. Put do not disturb sign on the knob of the same room.
10. Use room service sign on knob of the next room.
11. Go back to the roof and click on the control box.
12. Use the splitter on the write connected to 5.
13. Go back to corridor.
14. Take keys and rags from trolley.
15. Use keys on door beside 6 sign.
16. Go into room.
17. Use pliers on tap to get valve handle.
18. Get fuses from the top of the blue box.
19. Go back to corridor.
20. Go to room with do not disturb sign.
21. Take the footboard (lower bed frame).
22. Go back to the roof.
23. Use footboard with pipe under the water tank.
24. Use valve handle on hole in pipe beside water tank.
25. Go back to corridor. 
26. Click on green door to go to laundrette.
27. Use fuses with laundry machine.
28. Go back to right most room.
29. Take Professor Frank and dirtied bedspread.
30. Go to the room beside the 6 sign.
31. Click on the black box beside the wooden box
32. Use Professor Frank and dirtied bedspread with the trash compactor chute
33. Go to the laundrette.
34. Click on the trash machine to get rid of Professor Frank.
35. Go back to the roof and take the valve handle and footboard.
36. Click on the controller box and use pliers on splitter.
37. Put the pliers back.
38. Go back to room in the right.
39. Put splitter back to television, rags to the bed, and footboard back to bed.
40. Go to room with the open door.
41. Put the valve handle back to the tap.
42. Ensure all doors are closed then click on the exit sign and go back to office. The level is cleared!


Level 3: House 
Mission: Head to the house and make sure that everything gets cleaned up. 

1. Go through door to kitchen.
2. Click on the calendar on the fridge to see 6/6/84 circled.
3. Go back to living room.
4. Click on safe and input 6684.
5. Get the keys.
6. Go back to the kitchen.
7. Open cupboard and get bleach.
8. Use bleach to clean blood.
9. Get gloves from shelf on the right.
10. Get Philippe.
11. Use keys on back door.
12. Go to pool area.
13. Take the cement from beside the door.
14. Click on the door to go to the shed.
15. Take the pliers, shovel, pliers, paint, and keys from the shed.
16. Move the cupboard toPut  get wire
17. Go back to the living room.
18. Use key on door on the right.
19. Use gloves on control box.
20. Take pickaxe from below the control box.
21. Go back to pool area.
22. Turn on heat generator (red box at bottom left of page).
23. Click the pool.
24. Use pickaxe on pool.
25. Put Philippe into the crack.
26. Use cement above Philippe.
27. Use paint on cement.
28. Return cement to bench beside the door.
29. Go to living room.
30. Put keys in the safe and close it.
31. Go back to power room.
32. Remove cable and close control box.
33. Return to kitchen.
34. Return gloves.
35. Go back to shed.
36. Return pliersshovelpliers, and paint to where they belonged.
42. Click on the exit sign and go back to office. The level is cleared!

Levels 4 and 5 (airport and hospital respectively) will be uploaded ASAP!
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