Bluebird of Happiness Walkthrough (Text Only)

Bluebird of Happiness is a point and click adventure where you play as a young boy and interact with a blue bird in his dream. Play and unlock the twisted story of the main character potentially being a murderer or a saviour. It's great!


Your brother finds a stuffed bluebird while the two of you visit a festival. Later that night you have a dream that takes place inside of a strange forest with a man having the head of a bird

Try to escape the dream by collecting items and solving puzzles.

Can you save your brother?


You start the game being with your brother at a festival. A blue bird plushie caught the eye of your brother and he steals it from the witch and brings it home. 

You hear the news of a girl missing at the festival.

Now you play

Click on the grey switch to turn off the lights.

Click on the bed to sleep. 

You enter dream world where you see a fishing blue bird (Birdhead). Talk to it.

Click on the stone beside Birdhead. 

Get the worm.

Click on the worm and click on Birdhead to pass the worm to it (click yes).

Click on the cellphone and click i, then click check. You realise the phone gives hints in exchange of watching videos. The phone will tell you to talk to Birdhead to progress in the game and find your brother. 

Birdhead gives you an empty bottle to fill with water. Go to the screen on the left to see a lot of statues. Now continue going left to see a well. 

Click the bottle and then the well to fill it up.

Click on the branch beside the well and the spider web to get both items.

The phone will tell you how to combine items. Combine the branch and spider web by clicking one of the items, click i, click the other item, then click check. You will get a bug catcher.

Now go back and use bug catcher on the cricket.

Go back to the pond and give Birdhead the jar of water. The frog appears and take Birdhead's key.

Press on the cricket and go in front of the frog. It will eat the cricket and you can have the key when you click on the frog.

Pass the key back to Birdhead and it will invite you to its place. 

Go to Birdhead's place. 

Birdhead will give you a drink. Regardless of choice, you will have to drink it. Birdhead now goes to sleep.

Press on your chair. Click carry.

Go to the cupboard then put the chair down by clicking on the cupboard.

Click on the chair and step on it to get the magnifying glass.

Take the cheese on the table.

Take the fishing rod beside the clock.

Combine the fishing rod with the cheese. 

Open the left of the blue window - get heart-shaped gem.

Open the right of the blue window - bring the chair and get a note. 

Check note - hELL. Remember this as it will be very important later.

Go out. 

Take firewood outside Birdhead's house.

Use note on bright spot. 

Use magnifying glass on bright spot to light the note.

Use bug catcher on note to get the flame.

Go back to Birdhead's house. 

Put the firewood in the stove.

Put burning branch into the stove.

Go out. 

The bat will cough and wake up. It drops a shiny object. Click it to get a key. 

Go back into Birdhead's house. 

Use the key on the drawer. 

Open the drawer and get a spade-shaped gem.

Go out.

Go right. 

Use the fishing rod on the hole. Talk to the mole that came out.

Fit the club-shaped gem into the hole of the statue bird with the corresponding shape. 

Go right.

Use the fishing rod on the pond to get a boot.

Check on the boot to get a wind-up.

Go back to Birdhead's house.

Use the wind-up with the clock.

Bring the chair to the clock and get the diamond gem.

Go out.

Go to the back of the signboard and use magnifying glass on it. It will say: Down Right Left Up. Remember the sequence as it is the order of which the bird statues should be rotated later.

Go right. 

Fit all the gems into the respective holes.

Press on the bird statues as such:
Heart shaped (red): 0 times, facing downwards
Spade shaped (yellow): 3 times, facing right
Diamond shaped (green): 1 time, facing left
Club shaped (blue): 2 times, facing upwards

Now click on the treasure box to get a crank.

Go left. 

Use the crank on the side of the well.

Click on the bucket in the well and go down. You will be in a tavern.

Pick up the lantern. 

Carry each box to the water to create a pathway to the switch.

Once at the switch, click on the purple mushrooms and blue mushrooms 5 times each (there are 5 of each mushrooms in the entire gameplay area). Then click the key and the green door will unlock.

Go up and go back to Birdhead's house.

Use the lantern on the stove to light it up. 

Now to back to the bottom of the well, use the lantern, and click on the green door. 

You will see a safe. Remember the note that says hELL? If the paper is flipped, you get the numbers 7734. 

The safe will open and you get an axe. 

Go back up.

You have 2 choices - bad ending and happy ending. 

Use the axe on Birdhead 

Birdhead will be beheaded

Everything will turn red

When you go out, the bat, mole and frog will all be beheaded

The game will then fade out and you will wake up realising that your brother is missing. The witch will tell you that your brother was Birdhead and you killed him. 

Thankfully you can talk to the cat who will help you to turn back time and get to happy ending without restarting the game!

Use the axe on the phone 5 times. The phone will repeatedly tell you to stop, but just continue.

After which, the background fades to white and you wake up with your brother sleeping beside you.

Talk to your brother. He will return the blue bird toy to the witch.

The witch will say that the festival has almost come to an end and it's time to welcome "her".

Who is she? You learn that she is the missing girl at the festival who was found beheaded.

You now play as the girl in the room and when you talk to the witch, she apologises to you and tells you that she failed to save you and that you will be the last victim. Go to the door to end the game. 

MY SPECULATIONI think the girl is the phone in the game. She could have also taken the blue bird toy and ended in the dream, where she has to protect herself from being beheaded (by asking the main player to behead Birdhead instead). Because the witch said that the girl was the last victim, there could be other children who also took the blue bird toy and ended in the dream. There could exist a vicious cycle where the children who have taken the blue bird toy had to go to the dream and have to protect themselves just as how the girl tried to instigate the main player to behead someone else. The possibilities are endless, but I absolutely loved the open ending of the game which invites the player to think and imagine of what could possibly happen.

Moral of the game is to follow instructions and not be greedy. 

E N D 

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