Désiré 2020 Walkthrough Part 3: The Manuscript (Text only)

Parts 1 and 2 here.

You are now in Lyon, looking for Martin Lacour, the antique collector ho may have your manuscript.
Go straight into the church. You will see a small girl, talk to her.
  • That's a nice boat.
  • I am looking for Martin Lacour. Do you know him?
  • I need to meet with him.
  • Do you have the front door key?
    • Léa gives you the front door key to her house (whatever happened to no talking to strangers..)
Go back to the village and right to the antiques collector. 
Use the key on the door. 
Go right into the office.

You will see an old man, who is presumably Martin Lacour. Talk to him.
  • In fact, I came to see you to...
  • Do you have any manuscripts in your collection.
  • This manuscript is very important to me.
  • Do you know anything about the manuscript?
  • I think you do.
Go back to the living room.
Désiré will read the manuscript and finally see colours, before Martin takes the manuscript away.. Martin gives Désiré dinner and lodging in exchange for information.

The next morning comes and Désiré is determined to get the manuscript in his hands. 

Go into the house. Talk to Martin.
  • What are you doing?
    • You realise that Martin is waiting for mail
  • Did you hear?
    • Martin will go out and Désiré will rush into his room.

Click on the painting of Léa and you will see a safe. Now we have to get the code.. 
Talk to Léa
  • Tell me, Léa...
    • Désiré tells Léa to be his accomplice in pouring water on Martin's head to "have fun". How fun is that?!
Let's find the bucket. Exit the house, go to village, go to bakery. 

Talk to baker
  • Do you know young Léa?
  • Why is she alone?
  • I asked Léa if she wanted to play a game.
Take the bucket. Go back to Martin's house.

Talk to Léa.
  • Now it's up to you.

Use bucket with top of door. Martin would be drenched. 
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