Virtual Villagers Origins 2: General Walkthrough (Text Only)

This is the newest addition to the Last Day of Work Virtual Villagers collection.
Just like all Virtual Villagers games, you play as "God" to solve puzzles and simulate life as a tribal community. I really love the vibes of the game and of course solving the puzzles!

What you can do in this game:
  1. Move people around - Get them to do tasks 
  2. Expand your community - Drag people of opposite gender above each other and hope they create offspring. It can be annoying to wait 3 hours for the child to be born, but it's definitely necessary to have more manpower and to avoid having no population.
  3. Build things 
  4. Forage for items and resources - for children AND for adults (this is something new from other games!)
  5. Craft items - mixing, cooking, crafting, etc. I enjoy this very much, and I would like to think that crafting is a major part of the game.
  6. Research - the game will not develop unless you get tech points and constantly upgrade technologies, which sometimes can take forever to do
  7. Explore the island - there are so many secrets waiting to be unfolded. Also note that the island is always changing and different weathers may unlock different things. 
Definitely a much anticipated and fun game!!


Want to have the full access to the walkthroughs? Don't want to spend your precious time clicking on endless websites and not getting the information you need? You are in luck! The only guide you need is here, and it will help you with everything you need to know.

Click here to download it:

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