Désiré 2003 Walkthrough Part 2: Office Politics (Text only)

So now, we will be seeking help of some colleagues to achieve the somewhat unachievable task of getting Elma's birthday present.

Quick recap from part 1:
  1. Find a venue for her to sing
  2. Get a piano
  3. Find people to invite to her gig
Part 2 is ridiculously long because of all the guessing while talking to your colleagues, especially that one part where you have to practically guess the answers to 5 ridiculous questions (hint: it may help if you are a football/soccer fan, but I'm not T_T)

So you are looking lost in the office. Let's start from the right, talk to Kevin. Talk about everything then let him read in peace.

Talk to Sebastian.

  • Talk about the restaurant. He will let you know he has a friend who owns a restaurant (task 1: finding venue checked). But he's not going to help you - I sense some blackmail in here.. 
  • Any news of redundancies? You'll learn that your boss Julien is looking for you.
To end the conversation, click on the symbol at the top right corner of the screen. Think it is a cross over the mouth. 

Now talk to Pablo.
  • It's not going well with Kevin apparently? You will learn that Pablo is a fan of saving the earth.
  • And I know that environmental concerns are important to you.
  • Talk about the restructuring plan
  • So, are you happy with the civil union plan?
  • Would you be happy if Kevin left the company? Ok so this is a hint that Kevin must go.

Talk to Cecilé.
  • Talk about the restructuring plan
  • Earn her trust.. 
  • (1) I have real respect for authentic feminism.
  • (3) Simone de Beauvoir was a figurehead of feminism.
  • (1) The gender battle is one that never shed any blood.
  • (2) The male chauvinist pig is a millstone around the neck of feminism.
  • (3) An emancipated woman worst enemies are her family and kids. 
  • (1) It's totally unacceptable!
  • (3) Beware excesses!
  • (3) I agree on that point.
FINALLY she trusts you!!

  • Do you know Sebastian well?
  • Tell me something about Sebastian? You realise that Sebastian is a sadomasochist - this is going to be dirty... 
  • Talk about Kevin... You somehow come to an agreement that you will get Kevin fired and Cecilé will have a session with Sebastian
  • Click all the options

Now talk to Pablo again
  • Talk about Kevin. Pablo will tell you the plan - catching Kevin drinking at work and accusing Kevin of stealing office equipment. 
  • If you forget, just click Any suggestions? 
  • You're into attending demonstrations, aren't you? He will tell you where to print flyers (for Elma's birthday - task 3: find people to invite to her gig checked) - He will tell you that he needs a USB key
  • You can always click You need a USB key? if you forget what he wants. 
Talk to Kevin. 
  • Would you have a USB key to lend me? And the worst part is here... This idiot will ask you to get full marks for his football quiz... (AKA the most painful part of the game)
  • Right, well go on then. Quiz on. (Please note that the questions are shuffled and there are more than 5 questions... Really depends on your luck)
  • Q: Who said: Football is like chess, only without the dice
    • (2) Lukas Podalski. 
  • Q: 1990 World Cup Semis. Italy VS Argentina. The referee forgot to blow the whistle at the end of the first half. Why did he forget?
    • He's left the whistle in the changing room. 
    • (4) He forgot to check his watch.
  • Q: Who said: A football match is played with three referees, so refereeing errors are three times more likely
    • (1) Guy Roux.
  • Q: Who said: To get to the penalty area and not be able to take a shot is like dancing with your own sister. 
    • (4) Diego Maradona. 
  • Q: Who said: When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.
    • (3) Eric Cantona.
  • Q: Who said: It's not an open secret, everyone knows about it now.
    • (3) Menu Petit. 
  • Q: Why are there eleven players in a football team?
    • (2) Doesn't it have something to do with dormitories in English public schools?
  • Q: During the 1950 World Cup in Brazil, India was qualified but pulled out. Why?
    • (3) The rules forbade teams from playing barefoot.
  • Q: What happened on the 4th of May in 1949 in the late afternoon in Turin, Italy?
    • (2) A plane crash?
  • Q: What is the highest score in football history?
    • (4) I don't know.. 149-0?
Omg.. After so super long I finally got the answers right. Please click my adverts (and leave the tab on) to thank me for this sacrifice T_T You will then get the USB key, but don't give it to Pablo yet as it's not formatted.

Click on the table between Cecilé and Pablo. You will get Hard Drives.

Click on Kevin's rucksack to get his Keys

Ok that's it for office politics. Now go to Julien Foutriquet's room.

Talk to Julien. He will let you know that you can choose to be retrenched and enjoy 3 months of salary. Go back to Open Space.

Click on underground and you will see 4 places - Place de Clichy, Opéra, République, and Raspail. 
  • Place de Clichy = Kevin's home
  • Opéra = Your company/office
  • République = Soup kitchen where Elma is
  • Raspail = Music shop (quite obvious what this is for.. task 2: get a piano checked)

(Initially forgotten, also in part 3)
Use Computer with USB Key
Use USB Key with Pablo. He will print flyers for Elma's concert. Task 3: Find people to invite to her gig complete!! 

Now let's go to Kevin's house to complete task 1 >:)
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