COTMK Curse of the Mushroom King Walkthrough (Text only)

COTMK is a point-and-click adventure where you are a viking who got cursed by the mushroom king (to be unable to eat PB&J sandwiches are you serious). To save yourself, you have to find some ingredients for him.

It's a fun game and has cute visuals, funny characters, and a silly storyline. Absolutely loved it!

Download the game on Google play here.

Now, the game.


You start out at Mushroom Village. You are cursed.

You need to get 5 ingredients:

  • Hot Sauce
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Dragon's Egg
  • Baked Beans
  • Banana
Get the following items here:
  • List of ingredients - at the rightmost house
  • Black Fabric - roots of the tree in the middle
  • Hook - house beside Mushroom King

Go to the left to get to the outside of Pillaging Pony (a pub). Get inside via the right door (doesn't matter which door actually).

Get these items:
  • Scissors - on table
  • Crowbar - top right of screen

Go upstairs to the room.

Get these items:
  • Sleeping pills - below bed 
  • Mug - above drawer

Go down and to the other room to see the pub.

Get these items:
  • Broom - behind yellow viking
  • String - most right of pub
Use these items:
  • Mug + Coffee kettle - behind lady viking
  • Talk to drunk viking (he wants to be an artist but has to sober up)
  • Give him the coffee

Get out and you will see him painting. Go to bottom right corner to go to the river.

Get these items:
  • Ninja dart - stuck on tree

Walk further to the docks.

Get these items:
  • Armadillo - hidden beside palm tree at left of page
Use these items:
  • Crowbar + boxes 
  • Get the corn

Go up the ship.

Get these items:
  • Gunpowder - barrel in the middle of page
Use these items:
  • Switch - behind barrel in the middle of the page, the bottom will open
  • Scissors + black fabric = round cloth
  • Round cloth + string = eyepatch
  • Eyepatch + self, you will be a pirate
Go downstairs.

Get these items:
  • Map - behind stairs
  • Rum - above left cannon 
  • Cannonball - pile of cannonballs 
  • Golden key - drawer below octopus

Go up and to captain's quarters.

Get these items:
  • Moustache - skull statue
  • Feather - in front of Captain Doughnut
  • Cannonball - pile of cannonballs 
  • Golden key - drawer below octopus
Talk to the captain then go out. 

Use these items:
  • Golden key + treasure chest = pendant
  • Hook + feather 
  • Hook & feather + pendant = Marlin Hunter 3000
Go back to dock.

Use these items:
  • Marlin Hunter 3000 on woman
  • Get the fish
Go to river.

    Use these items:

    • Rum + flowers
    • Cannonball + hole on bridge. Talk to wizard. 

    Go up the treehouse.

    Take these items:
    • Hook - cupboard near mirror
    • Green apple - branch at right side of page

    Go back to Pillaging Pony.

    Use these items:

    • Moustache + Guard, he will tell you that he wants a blonde moustache
    • Go in the pub and talk to lady viking. She will give you hair dye
    • Hair dye + moustache
    • Moustache + Guard, he will give you chocolate muffin
    • Go in the pub and give chocolate muffin to yellow viking
    • Take chocolate milk - ingredient 1 checked!!!
    Talk to bartender. Go back to river
    Talk to wizard, he will give you magic beans. 
    Click on stump.

    Use these items:

    • Apple + stump, get the worm

    Go to docks.

    Use these items:

    • Broom + hook = long hook
    • Long hook + floating bottle to get it
    Go to ship. Go to bottom of ship.

    Use these items:

    • Worm + skeleton
    • Get map and key 
    Go to captain's quarters.

    Use these items:

    • Sleeping pills + fish
    • Drugged fish + shark
    • Get hot sauce - ingredient 2 collected!!!
    • Message in a bottle + captain doughnut
    • Map + captain doughnut

    Get out of ship. Get on small boat to go to island.

    Take these items:
    • Matches - palm tree
    • Bucket - sandcastles
    Go back. Take armadillo from pirate. Go up the ship

    Use these items:

    • Gunpowder + cannon
    • Armadillo + cannon
    • Matches + cannon
    Go back to island
    Pick up armadillo.

    Use these items:

      • Armadillo + red tribal man
      • Ninja dart + string to cage
      • Key + cage
      Go back to captain's quarters.
      Talk to captain to get banana - ingredient 3 achieved!!!

      Go to river.

      Use these items:

        • Bucket + river
        Go to treehouse.
        Read the message and click on the books that are in white.

        Use these items:

          • Skull key + lock, get ruby

          Go to Pillaging Pony.

          Use these items:

            • Corn + chicken
            • Magic beans + soil beside flower
            • Bucket of water + magic beans
            • Take egg
            • Give egg to wizard (at river)
            • Give enlarged egg to artist, you will get ingredient 4 - dragon's egg!!!
            Go inside right door of pub.

            Use these items:

              • Ruby + hole
              • Get baked beans - last and final ingredient!!

              Go back to Mushroom Village and give them all to the Mushroom King. 
              You will then realise you are not cursed.

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