Désiré 1992 Walkthrough Part 1: Beach (Text only)

Let's start with some controls.

1. Click on the top right hand corner to see a bag. That's his inventory. You can either join objects together or drag them to something to gather a reaction.

2. The bottom right corner are the settings.
It's extremely important to keep saving because the same does not autosave! Also, good to click options to change some of your subtitle speed, font size, and other technical options.

3. Just click anywhere for Désiré to move around and react with items. He can pick them up if important.


Ok now for the part you have been searching for.

So yes, the start of Désiré brings you to a forsaken beach with a lot boy in the middle of nowhere. The game starts with the narrator giving you a short introduction of our lead persona Désiré.

1. Click on the inventory (top right corner of page)

2. Click on the scroll (book of spells) and drag to Désiré.
He will be reading some instructions on how to make someone fall in love with him. Ok.. make a wooden box, write name of loved one on egg, put egg in box and bury in sunlight  

3. Drag sandwich to Désiré to get the egg for the love potion.

4. Click on the board beside the hut to get the pen.

5. Click on the door and get the saw, hammer and nails from the toolbox

6. Click on board situated in front of the boat.

7. Let's complete the love potion: 
  • Use saw with board to get 6 sticks
  • Use 6 sticks with nails to get box
  • Use egg with pen to get egg with sign
  • Use egg with sign with box to get box with egg
8. Walk all the way right and you will see a sandcastle. Drag the box with egg to the hole.
Hint: click the inventory bag while holding onto the box with egg to minimise it so that you can see the hole. 

The screen would then darken and move into a new scene where desire is talking to an old man, unlocking part 2 of 1992: School

(You can also view part 3 of 1992: Revenge here!)
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