New Escape Room: The Lost Paradise Walkthrough (Text Only)

I open my eyes in a daze, familiar and strange before my eyes. Through an eerie room and a very painful story emerging in front of your eyes, all the room as you choose the constantly changing step by step, like a person's life, faced with numerous choices, whether satisfactory walk to the end, will have to see you have courage, intelligence quotient (IQ) is not enough...

New Escape Room: The Lost Paradise is one of the many escape room games created by super-mt or Hun Dong Game Studio. I really enjoy all the games because of the non-scary graphics and dark themes, it's like the perfect thriller game for a scaredary cat like me! Anyway this game has quite a gripping storyline and your choices in the previous few rooms will determine your ultimate ending.

There are 4 endings in total but I will only show the ending to the true/happy ending. For the rest of the endings, I will highlight them in blue so that you know that you can pick the options to lead to them. 

For ease of explanation, I will call each screen 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
1 is the room that you start in
2, 3 and 4 are the rooms to the right (respectively)
5 is the roof

Pink words means to take an item.

Orange words means to copy or use a code.

You can download it on Google Play here. I think it is unavailable for iOS.

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