Désiré 2003 Walkthrough Part 3: Karma Kicks (Text only)

Brief recap from part 1 and 2:
  • Désiré needs to fulfil the birthday wishes of his dearest Elma, most of which is caused by himself.
  • Part 2 is a lot of talking to fellow colleagues, to get hints to lead into future parts. 

I forgot to add this to part 2 (will add as well):
Use Computer with USB Key
Use USB Key with Pablo. He will print flyers for Elma's concert. Task 3: Find people to invite to her gig complete!! 

Now let's go to Underground and click Place de Clichy, AKA Kevin's Home.

You will land in a dark corridor. Looks a bit creepy, but don't worry, the game is absolutely not scary! Use Kevin's keys with Kevin's house (lol duh). You will see Désiré talking to his internal voice, telling him to give up. But obviously to carry on with the game, you will need to get into the house. 

Use Kevin's keys with Kevin's house again. The house will then be lighted and you can explore inside.

Get the Whiskey on the table. 

Open the drawer and keep clicking!! Eventually you will get the personal handbook. Get the funnel near the stove. 

Use hard drives with computer. Désiré will then put it on the table. Now use personal handbook with computer. He will make an eBay account for Kevin to sell the hard drives.. Evil.. That's it for Kevin''s house. Let's go back to Opéra, AKA the company/office. 

 Use whiskey with rucksack, then go to Julien Foutriquet's room to rat on Kevin. 

Talk to Julien and tell him
  • Sorry to disturb you...
  • To sell them on the net.
Now leave the room. Kevin is out!
Talk to Cécile
  • Talk about Kevin getting fired...
  • You learn that Sebastian is into BDSM and she leads you to Dominatrix Ruby at Nation. 
Before we get ourselves into a dirty mess, let's go to Raspail AKA the music shop.

Click on the piano. Talk to the seller. 
  • I want to hire a piano for the evening.
  • Can we do a deal on the price?
  • And a deal between you and me?
So you got to fork 1 thousand dollars for the piano.. There's only one way to do so.. 

Go back to Opéra, AKA the company/office.
Go to Julien Foutriquet's room.
Talk to Julien
  • I'll sign the agreement. 

Go back to Raspail AKA the music shop.
Talk to seller
  • I got the money for the piano at last.
Task 2: Get a piano complete! Now for the last task: Getting a venue (part 4 here!)

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