Be a Man, Do the Right Thing: General Walkthrough (Text Only)

Be A Man “Do The Right Thing” is a ridiculously hilarious game by Twitchy Fingers Ltd. to “educate” people on what it means to be gentlemanly. I guess it is good to impart such knowledge to people but I also hope that it does not raise expectations or even unrealistic hopes that a guy would cultivate these values after playing the game. Some of the endings are really funny yet real, so you should try them all if you can!

Please note that you need to turn on your microphone on - give the app access!

Download it on Google Play here and App Store here.

It’s tough being a man in the modern world. Making the right decisions is often not just hard, but down right confusing. “Be a Man”gives you the chance to play out all these situations in any way you like! Awkward and hilarious situations, each with multiple outcomes depending on the decisions you make. So take charge, be a man and do the right thing! You can tap an object or a person. You can tap and hold an object or a person. You can swipe an object or a person. You can drag and drop an object or a person. You can listen to the speaker. You can speak to the mic. Each stage requires different controls. Try and see which one works the best! Good luck and have fun! 

Anyway let’s start.

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