Funghi's Den Walkthrough (Text only)

Hi all! I'm playing this new game called Funghi's Den, which is a simulation game by BeeworksGames (I love their touch detective and other mushroom games!!). It's really quite similar to Fallout Shelter (which I really love as well).

I'm only at level 17 but I shall constantly update this blog so that we can all learn and grow with the game together! Please comment below to share tips + ask questions (I will try to answer what I can)!!

So what this game is about is simply

  1. Recruiting mushrooms
  2. Getting places for them to live in (enhance health) and rest (increase mood)
  3. Fulfilling goals - collecting, building, creating 
    1. Collecting: Gathering of crops and materials
    2. Building: Earning money and having materials to build infrastructure 
    3. Creating: Making hats and accessories with money and materials 
It is really quite simple and very cute and fun!

Links to download:
Play Store:
App Store:

Walkthrough (in the works):
General Guide
Workshop Guide
Farm Guide
Planter Storage Guide
Root Cutter Guide
Bakery Guide
Mining Guide
Traveler's Hut Guide
Housing Guide

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