Désiré 2003 Walkthrough Part 1: Saving the Damsel (Text only)

Apologies for the long wait! Took me forever but I'm back!! 2003 here we come!
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You are in an office, looking like a sweet teen I guess. There's a dude sitting at the back called Sebastian. Let's talk to him. Talk about the restructuring plan. Sebastian will let you know that the company is laying off some people. Ask him what about him, and then how are they going to let go of employees on full-time contracts. Now go to the bottom right corner and click underground.

Talk to Elma. You will realise that Elma is his crush. 
  • Perriot says you can sing
  • Ask about volunteering
  • Ask her to the movies
  • We are going to be late thanks to the transport authority
The train will then come and you will then reach the soup kitchen.

Talk to Elma again. 
  • Try to ask her out for dinner
She will sadly reject you and ask you to get herbs from the room. Go to the back room.

Open 3 cupboards and you will hear Elma screaming. Go back to the dining room.

You will then see a homeless person grabbing Elma by her hair.
  • Calm down mate, we'll serve you in a minute
  • She's the one who got the food 
  • Calm down, please
Go back to the back room and take the glove and back to the dining room again.

Talk to the beggar.
  • Hey, you sick bastard!...
  • You piece of shit! / You're nothing but a shit bag!
  • Go shower!... You stink!
  • Totally

He will point the knife at you. Now use the glove with homeless person, and then use the knife on homeless person to shoo him away. 

Now you and Elma will be at the subway again. 
  • Talk about her birthday... 
  • Suggest a gift... (you will stupidly suggest to get a place to her to sing in a pub)
  • Ask if she wants a hand... 
She will get on the train without you. 

So this dude totally deserves a slap. But this game is really helpful in guiding the player throughout the game. 

Tasks (to get the ridiculous present):
  1. Find a venue for her to sing
  2. Get a piano
  3. Find people to invite to her gig
In 3 weeks?! Good luck.. 
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