Désiré 2020 Walkthrough Part 2: Old Grudges (Text only)

Part 1 here.

Désiré has absolutely no clue where he is, the sales assistant is definitely a liar.

Walk into the house. Keep clicking the black window and soon Désiré will be hit by a spade. He will then be in the car with the crazy sales assistant taunting him. Now that I think about it, he does look a bit familiar...

Talk to the sales assistant. He will reveal that he is David from high school (the bully whom Désiré "publicised" for watching porn in 1992)

  • Put the flame out!
  • What are you going to do to me?
  • At least, explain it to me...
  • What happened that brought you so low?
  • What happened after that?
  • So in the end, it was alright, then...
  • How did it end?
  • I have a better idea.
It's quite sad for David - he got expelled in 1992 and with tragic family circumstances, he took a job as a mechanic. He met his wife and had two kids but it was not a good marriage, which ended up with a divorce and his wife left with his kids, leaving him all alone. But what has everything got to do with the 1992 incident?! 

Désiré offers to duel David - If he wins, David stops bugging him. But if David wins, then Désiré will get punched to death. 

The operations are simple - click on Désiré to defend/shield, and click on David to attack. 
The strategy is to click on Désiré when David moves back (he is getting ready to attack), and click on David during all other times. What I did was to keep defending and only attack after David has made his moves. 

There are 4 rounds in total - you get 3 hits each round, 5 tries (or chances to be attacked) per round. In the end, David will fall to the ground and you will end up in a petrol station. 

Use manuscript on Désiré to get a bookmark.
Use bookmark on Désiré to find the address of an artist, probably the author of the manuscript. 

Go into the shop.

Talk to lorry driver.
  • I've had worse.
  • I lived in Africa for a couple of years.
  • I need to get to Lyon.
  • I can give you money.
  • How about I pay you in kind? Fuel?
  • I'll get you a can of diesel.
Go out to the petrol station. Take the empty jerrican. You will now see a lady on the phone. You realise that she is pumping in diesel.

Use aspirin with slit (it is where Désiré is in the picture).
Use empty jerrican with slit.
The bimbo will then go into the shop. Use the empty jerrican with fuel pump to fill it up. 

Go into the shop and give the lorry driver the full jerrican. He will then drive you back to Lyon.
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