Sherlocked: The Vault Walkthrough (Text Only)

So I was keen to try this game because Sherlocked is a well-known escape room in Amsterdam, and I really wanted to try their mobile app. It's really worth the time, very awesome and realistic game!!

There are so many video uploads of the game (in fact I'm going to post my gameplay video on YouTube too - recently learnt how to take videos of my gaming experience which is awesome but really battery consuming..) I'm not going to post pictures here because I think my instructions are very self explanatory. Also, you can check out my Youtube video if you need visual hints!

Anyway you can download it at Play Store here. Don't think they have iOS version though.


Somewhere in Amsterdam, an object is hidden. An object whose very existence is forcefully denied, guarded by the most complex security system in the planet. So, if what we've heard about you is true, then we have a job for you. Consider this your interview.

The game starts.

You are in front of a green metal door. Creepy. Click on the door to go closer, then use the key in your inventory (bottom right of screen) on the keyhole and circle clockwise. Press on the handle of the door and it should open.

The door will swing open and you will reach some kind of an office. 

The first thing that attracted me was the gold knob at the left of the room. It turns out to be a mini safe, so after a bit of spinning, you will get the holes of the circles lined up. Once you do that, turn clockwise till the line is about 10 o'clock, then you will see a file with numbers 367. That's the number of the left of the locked suitcase.

Go back and insert the number on the locked suitcase. After which, swipe the lock to the left for the first latch to be opened. Zoom out and open the drawers. On the left, you should see a piece of paper that shows books corresponding to the shelves right behind the table. Arrange the books as such, and it will open a cupboard and you will get a wire cutter. (The right drawers only contain red herrings.)

Now go back to the table and click on the telephone. Turn the numbers and you will see that 631 is the phone's code (only numbers visible in the holes of the circle). Now put in the numbers for the right side of the suitcase and you should be able to open it. You will get a device manual and some sort of old iPad looking thing.

Go to the door and insert the iPad with the hanging wire. You realise it's some kind of visual of the insides of the safe. Keep spinning the safe until the holes of the circles are in line with the rectangular bar. The numbers should be 22 56 54. Once they are in a circle, spin them anticlockwise until you hear a click and the screen zooms out. Click on the golden wheel knob below the safe and spin it clockwise. 

The door will open to yet another room (so typical of escape rooms to have many hidden rooms!). I went straight to the gramophone on the left of the room. If you go there, you can click on the gramophone and cycle the handle clockwise a few times. The drawer door should open. Take the key - it says "Godefridus Van Lanschot 2". 

Now go to the gate and use the wire cutter on the lock. Swipe the gate to the right to open. Go to the table and get a piece of paper. It will tell you how to operate a safe. Now look for the lock that matches the name on the key and use the key on the matching keyhole. A message by an old man, probably Godefridus, "For my treasure I confess, a dozen and two less". Sounds like a riddle but it isn't too hard. A dozen = 12, 2 less = 10. So something is 1210 around here..

Go to the hall and then up the stairs. You will see a picture of a church and the same old man. Click on the picture of the old man and swipe it left and right. You will see the picture of the man managed to click on the wooden panel and lift it, revealing some kind of a number input system. So we enter 1210 and take the paper. The paper is a safe code answer "10-65-40". You notice the stand saying "you have been warned" and suddenly the room turns red and a counter of 120 starts. So you have 2 minutes of doing something!! I always get freaked out when rooms turn red or when there are jump scares, think you can hear me scream slightly in the video..

Go to the hall again and click on the puzzle on the floor. You notice that the pieces can be moved. Slide the puzzle pieces until there is a line formed. Once that happens, the light goes back to normal (phew) and you can slide the knob from right to left. This reveals a hidden room between the stairs and the upper part of the room.

You will see a safe (third and last one I promise!) in the room. Given the grandiosity of the room, it's probably the last puzzle. So.. safes are not my favourite things so I will go through this very slowly. (if you still do not understand, see the video)

The good thing is that everything has click sounds so it validates you if you're right!

On the papers, you know the codes are 10, 65, then 40. Then you also know how you should spin the wheels - 4 times clockwise, 3 times anticlockwise, 2 clockwise, then one more time at a 90 degree anticlockwise angle.

So we start from 0. Spin clockwise to 10. Now spin anticlockwise and you will pass 10 twice (which also means you go one full circle and pass 10 once, and the second time is to pass 10 to reach 65). Continue spinning anticlockwise until 65. Spin clockwise one more round (hit 65 again) then go to 40. Now turn anticlockwise about 90 degrees until you hear a final click and the screen zooms out.

It is something like
0 < 10 < 10 < 10 < 65 (same cycle) > 65 > 40 (same cycle) < 70+

If you fail, just keep spinning the knob clockwise (3 rounds is safe) and go back to 0. Then spin clockwise to 10 and repeat the above steps.

The screen zooms out, and you open the safe. You get a ring with a crest label and the game ends.


Well done.
You've passed out test.
Your job awaits you in Amsterdam.

Click here to book your heist.

Your most dangerous mission yet awaits beneath the old Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Assemble your team of max. 6 thieves, and pick a date here. As you have already proven your skills, you may use the code passed-the-test to receive a special price for the mission. 

Accept the mission.

So we learn that the game is an advertisement for their escape game room, which is genius!!! Any reader from Amsterdam, please use the code passed-the-test for a discount!! If I ever go to Amsterdam one day, I'd really want to try it! 


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