Désiré 2011 Walkthrough Part 2: Weird Friends (Text only)

 Ok now that the weirdness of part 1 is over, I promise part 2 will be longer!!

You are now in a room.. Talk to the weird looking guy (Theodore).

  • Do you come here often?
  • The atmosphere of the place just draws you in.
  • No.. Not really
  • Which lady do you recommend?

Go to the right, you will see a lady Camille at the bar.
  • Would you like a glass of something?
Ok now let's find a glass..

Go back to Theodore (cos what else can you get from this room?!)
  • Do you know where I can find a glass?
He will tell you to go back to the bar, and you will magically see an empty glass on the table. What?! It definitely wasn't there the previous time.. (check the screenshot)

It's very weird but give Camille the empty glass
  • This place is so...
  • Life is miseraable
  • My life is falling apart

So Désiré keeps wallowing in his misery I swear I could slap him, and the lights will suddenly go brighter and brighter until it goes dark and you are in a room with a lady and a dog. I assume it's a flashback. 

Talk to Élodie (the lady).
  • Jesse?
  • I do...
  • About Jesse..
  • Still not talking to Andy?
  • About Élodie...
  • Time to check out Damien's apartment
You realise that Désiré is quite a messed up person. Élodie is probably only his good friend and she probably got into an argument with Andy because she chose to be in a relationship with her dog Rocco. Jesse is actually a prostitute that he keeps hooking up to gain pleasure and sometimes tainted colours in his colourless life.
  • Time to check out Damien's apartment

Then you disappear and go to his place. 

Keep clicking on the flowerpot at the door to get a piece of metal.
Use the piece of metal with stone to get sharpened piece of metal.
Use the sharpened piece of metal on mailbox.
Get house key from the mailbox.
Use house key with door to get in!

You will see Damien's house is almost empty.
Click on the chequebook on the table where the computer is. You will learn that Damien is quite a philanthropist, making regular donations to a charity for abused children.

Keep waking and you will hear a cat meowing and it will sit in front of the bookshelf. Click on the key on kitty. You will learn that it's famished. Open the fridge and take the chicken. Use chicken with kitty and take the collar key.

Use the collar key with the safe which is below the cheque book. Take the letter and read it. You will then somehow teleport to speak with Andy.

  • Talk to Andy
  • Talk about the letter...
  • Why the threats?
  • I'm beginning to understand about the cheques..
  • Give me a minute to think...
Not sure why Andy thinks that Damien's neighbour is kidnapping him, but they will go to his neighbour's place to check it out! 

Click on the hanger to get the hook. Get the rope beside the curtains. 

Now talk to Andy again
  • Explain the plan...
So the plan is that 
Andy will divert the neighbour by saying that his phone ran out of battery and he needs to call a taxi to go home. The neighbour will then lend him his phone to make the call. After which, Andy will ask to use the washroom. During this period, Désiré will search the house for anything suspicious and will send a message to Andy when he's done. 

They will then teleport to the neighbour's house, leading us to the next part of the walkthrough: Saving Damien
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