Pokemon Quest Soup Guide (Text Only)

Other than the element of training your Pokemon to get to the higher levels, catching Pokemon is also important. In this game, we use a very child-friendly method of luring Pokemon with soup (instead of throwing all sorts of Pokeballs at random Pokemon).

Firstly, pots.

There are 4 pots and they give you various levels of Pokemon. They can be uncovered at various parts of the game.

1. Iron Pot (3 Ingredients)
Given at the tutorial
Attracts Pokemon up to level 15

2. Bronze Pot (10 Ingredients)
Given after completing round 3 Attracts Pokemon from level 16 to level 40
3. Silver Pot (15 Ingredients)
Given after completing round 6 Attracts Pokemon from level 41 to level 70
4. Gold Pot (20 Ingredients)
Given after completing round 10 (final round) Attracts Pokemon from level 71 onwards I personally like the bronze pot best because it helps me to get Pokemon of the right level to breed. When Pokemon are of higher levels, they take a longer time to level up and evolve. 

Secondly, quality of soup.

Pokemon Quest General Walkthrough (Text only)

Apologies for the hiatus - work has been crazy and I've been playing 2 games: Pokemon Quest and Fishercat! I love both games for various reasons but let's talk about Pokemon Quest first.
Pokemon Quest is a new addition to The Pokemon Company's mobile games after Pokemon Go. Well I kind of enjoyed Pokemon Go for 3 days then I got bored of it, but I think Pokemon Quest is more interesting because it gives you an interesting storyline as well as a chance to catch 'em all (150 in the first generation). The major draw is the nostalgic value and that everything is in cubes which is so cute!! 
You can download it from the play store and apple store, or get it on your Nintendo Switch

Currently I am only at island 7 - it gets exponentially tougher to level up and complete the higher levels, so I usually change my goal and evolve Pokemon instead. 

Currently I have 46/150 and as a Pokenerd, I have the 3 starting Pokemon as my dream team. I started with Squirtle and got Bulbasa…

Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Puzzle 13 + Puzzle 14 (Text Only)

The new puzzles for chapter 2 are out! Check out my sneak peek of chapter 2 or the general walkthrough, and let's try to solve the puzzles together! Note: I will be writing another eBook for chapter 2, stay tuned!

Puzzle 13: Residence Hut
After the volcano eruption, it's your job to clear the wreckage and also build new buildings! Cool things like the school, healing hut, and residence hut are now made possible!

Prerequisites Master buildersLevel 4 research technology Given that this is the first puzzle in chapter 2, it is definitely a good warm up to the next few puzzles to come! I am still quite annoyed that the eruption destroyed nearly everything we created in chapter 1, but I'm sure that the village will look even more awesome than before!
Drag adult villagers to use water to douse the fires on the buildings. You will need 4 water.Drag villagers to rebuild huts that were destroyed in the eruption. You will see that your population increases (or goes back to normal) afte…

Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Quick Look at Chapter 2

So Chapter 2 of Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is finally out!!! I have just updated the app, so please give me some time to update my crafting and resources page, and also to solve the puzzles!
But for now, a quick peek:
We see 10 new puzzles (this time with a "..." at the spot where the 11th puzzle should be - is it a hint that LDW is going to have a holiday puzzle and then another a third chapter, just like how chapter 2 was created?)
Let's take some time to analyze this completed puzzle by Jing-jing Garcia Siador (thank you so much)! I have to take my time since I need to find out the prerequisites for new players. 
Puzzle 12: Residence hut Puzzle 13: Mural Puzzle 14: Scarecrows to get rid of those pests Puzzle 15: Some kind of pit Puzzle 16: Goodbye bear (you can see it where the reeds are) Puzzle 17: Flower garden? (where kraken statue was) Puzzle 18: Healing Hut Puzzle 19: School Puzzle 20: Telescope Puzzle 21: Reservoir 
The game starts with a volcano eruption. To …

Nobodies Full Walkthrough (Text Only)

Nobodies is a point and click puzzle game where you have to help to hide bodies and remove all traces of evidence. It is somewhat like an anti-escape room where you try to hide things instead of fine them. 
The story has multiple endings - you can get into all sorts of trouble depending on the choices you make. But no worries, because you can get out of prison and replay the level by watching advertisements. The graphics is good and the storyline is intriguing, but the most interesting thing to me is that it is based on a true story (I wonder what a genius/schemer this guy must be). 
Get it on android here.
There are 5 levels in all. 
Level 1: Laboratory  Mission: Infiltrate the laboratory and clean up the scene + avoid contact with test animals and be discreet with security staff

*Do not take dead body with you yet* 1. Get the pipette on the desk (in front of the test tubes).  2. Get the lab coat from the clothes hanger beside the door.  3. Open the cabinet, use pipette on blue bottle. 4. Use…

Alice's Spiritual Judge Walkthrough: Chapter 8 - 9 (Text Only)

From Chapter 7, we have solved the case and learnt that Mr Caterpillar's real name is Mr Ishimoto, and Queen of Hearts is Ms Maki Aakai.

Chapter 8: Alice's Memory

Cheshire Cat seems to know something about White Rabbit's suicide letter, but refuses to tell Alice. Alice then leaves without Cheshire Cat to the hallway and see March Hare. March Hare asks Alice to find him and runs away.
MoveGo to Library Alice sees Cheshire Cat without a mouthguard. Her name is actually Chiaki Nekotsuka, and she has been library partners with Alice. MoveGo to Front of Gymnasium Alice moves into the gymnasium and listens to a speech about people talking about the death and how Alice could be part of it. MoveGo to Hatchway Alice sees the memory of her giving the White Rabbit a pair of white gloves. MoveGo to Courtyard Alice sees the memory of Cheshire Cat asking her what she knows about White Rabbit's death and Alice tells Cheshire Cat not to ask anything, which was the reason why she wore the m…

Stranded Without A Phone Review (Text Only)

Stranded without a phone is a new mobile game by Gilligames, which is a spin off from their other game, Space Horse. You basically play as one of the characters (free or paid), under one of the difficult levels (easy, medium, hard, brutal) and try to survive and get help to get out of the island.

From Gilligames' website:
Four passengers on a space ship were on a mission to colonize a new planet when the ship crash landed on a planet that is almost completely covered by ocean. You are the only survivor - an upper-management executive from the Decoo corporation, the company that sponsored the original mission. Now you must use your survival skills to stay alive long enough to get rescued. Build shelter, find food and drink, and collect salvageable parts from the wreckage that wash ashore. Use the parts to build a space radio and call for a rescue team to win the game.

Some of the items are quite a hassle to make, but the game is pretty self explanatory and easy to maneuver arou…