Tiny Pixel Farm Walkthrough (Text Only)

Tiny Pixel Farm is an idle farming game, which is awesome for working people like me cos I only have to play it every few days and nobody dies unlike my poor villagers in VVO2. :(

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.appmaga.pixelfarm&hl=en
Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tiny-pixel-farm-go-farm-life/id1328266576?mt=8

Anyway, this game is multifaceted and can be very addictive because of the many things to do:

  • Buying land
  • Unlocking cages and animals
  • Collecting hearts from visiting animals 
  • Getting trees and getting juices
  • Upgrading the store
  • Upgrading the silo/fridge 
  • Hiring and training staff 
  • Expanding the hotel
  • Playing the truck dice game (in the farm)
  • Managing 2 different worlds - farm and island (unlocked at level 20)

My guide to efficient gameplay (without clicking on ads)

1. Know what is your objective is and head towards it

The aim of the game is really decided by you. You can plan to fill the encyclopedia (unlock all animals and hotel guests), or just earn as much cash as possible. 

To fill the encyclopedia
Fulfil the requirements for the animals and hotel guests
Get to level 40
Collect hearts from visiting animals
Level up your animals 
Purchase all land and upgrade the hotel to the max 
You can also click the ads to find out what the prerequisites are for the remaining characters

To collect cash
Get cages of the highest level animal and keep harvesting! 
There is no prime animal that earns more than others, but the value of the harvest increases with the animal's level. As such, the animal you got first will most likely be the one that you should go forth and multiply.

2. Cut the grass
For the first few moments of playing (before the money rolls in quickly), a good way to earn cash is to use your finger and swipe through the grass. This enables you to get occasional coins which goes a long way in helping you get enough to purchase stuff. 

3. Hire your first staff and upgrade him/her to level 2
People think that getting animals should be the priority, but really, "You don't build a business, you build people and then people build the business." Same logic. You get a staff that you can hire and upgrade him/her to level 3. Level 1 staff can cut grass, level 2 staff collect money and diamonds (EXP), level 3 collect animal harvest, and level 4 collect juice from trees. 

Get a staff and upgrade him/her to level 2 so that someone can help you to get coins. While doing so, continue cutting grass for coins. 

3. Buy your first cage
It wouldn't take too long for you to have your first cage. Get any cage - it doesn't make any difference which you choose. There are some cages with animals that perform/compete instead of having harvest. These cages are good in the later land unlocks, as they give you money immediately and they don't cram the store with products. Water bodies give products. 

Design of cages don't matter. A cage unlocked at level 30 VS one at level 0 has no implication on cost of products. 

4. Upgrade your staff to level 3
So that your staff can harvest goods or send the animal for a performance/competition.

5. Do the same for 2 more exhibitions.
You will hopefully have 3 exhibitions and 3 staff at level 3. 

6. Upgrade your silo/fridge.
You need to upgrade the silo/fridge so that the respawn rate is equal or more than the rate of feeding the animals. 3 exhibits is a good upgrade. 

7. Upgrade the hotel to 1 star. 
Hotel guests walk around the area and drop coins. It's good to meet a variety of hotel guests for the encyclopedia's sake. 

8. Get trees and juices.
More money in the same space, why not?

9. Upgrade your staff to level 4.
So they can harvest the juices too

10. Get cages and staff.
Do it until you have 5 cages, then upgrade your silo/fridge. The general flow is the same. 

By then you should be level 20 and will unlock the island. The island takes a bit more time to farm money and there is no truck mini game, but the graphics are cute and more animals perform rather than have products, so there is not much of a need to upgrade the store until about 4-5 land is unlocked. 

The game goes on and on, and I applaud you if you are able to unlock and upgrade everything, and finish the encyclopedia cos you will need a lot of patience and time for it.

Good luck and have fun! 
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