Désiré 2020 Walkthrough Part 1: Finding Colour (Text only)

Now to the last chapter: 2020. Désiré is now a grown man with a beard and moustache, in some kind of tribal area (which you will later realise that it is Africa).

Take the bamboo somewhere in the middle background of the screen.
Go into the hut.

Talk to Angolo (the shopkeeper).

  • Do you have aspirin? 
    • Angolo will give you aspirin
  • What about the elephant tusks up there?
    • Angolo will tell you that he wants jewelry in exchange of the ivory
  • How much for the metal detector?
    • Take the metal detector uncharged
  • Do you have any batteries for the detector?
    • Angolo will give you batteries. Use it with the metal detector uncharged to charge it. 
Go out.
Use metal detector charged with ground (left side of screen). Go back, ask Angolo for batteries, use it with metal detector, and go out. Use metal detector charged with ground (right side of screen). You will get a necklace.

Give the necklace to Angolo. He gives you a hook
Use the hook on bamboo to get hook attached to bamboo stick 

Ask Angolo
  • Do you still have mosquito spray?
    • Use hook attached to bamboo stick with tusks
Désiré will now travel to France in search of the manuscript (to find his colours). He probably took the ivory and sold them for tickets to escape..


Désiré is now at a place that seems like a second-hand shop. Go inside to the bookshelf at the far right of the page and keep clicking on each book.

Note that you can hover your finger around the bookshelf to read the various books. Keep trying and you will eventually find the manuscript. You will also break the vase and the shopkeeper will come out.

Use manuscript on Désiré. He realises that it's not the real manuscript that he was looking for. 

Talk to the sales assistant
  • About the manuscript...
  • When is your boss due back?
Leave via the car.

The sales assistant will call you back. He remembers the guy who gave the manuscript. He gives you the address of the manuscript writer. 

Now go back to the car. 

Part 2 here
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