Désiré 2003 Walkthrough Part 4: Sad Reality (Text only)

    Brief recap from part 1 and 2 and 3
    • Part 1 is where Désiré needs to fulfil the birthday wishes of his dearest Elma, most of which is caused by himself.
    • Part 2 is a lot of talking to fellow colleagues, to get hints to lead into future parts. 
    • Part 3 is where he fulfils 2 of the birthday tasks - finding people to invite to her concert, and getting a piano
    This part is going to get a little bit more interesting with some NC16 themes. Let's go to Nation AKA Ruby.

    You will see Ruby and she will talk to you.
    • Some information... 

    She will stop you halfway and go to the slave. What?? In my culture, we are not really into BDSM (or you can call me a prude), so this is literally the first time I'm seeing this. Anyway, talk to Ruby again.
    • Click everything to eventually reach the next line
    • I know a guy...
    • More of a fantasy, really
    • He really wants to try
    • Hes not a beginner
    • That's too late!

    You will see a detergent behind Mistress Ruby, but you can't take it when she is present. Also, note the switch at the most right of the room. It will be used to bring the slave down. Try it to get scolded by Ruby, which will also unlock the most important speech from her.

    Now talk to her
    • I heard the doorbell ring

    Note that you may have to tell her this a couple of times if you are slow, to make her walk away. After she has left, get the detergent (it is where Désiré is in the pic). 

    There's not enough time to complete the task, so ask her to go away when she comes back.

    Click the switch
    Use funnel on slave
    Use detergent on funnel (note: not on slave)
    The slave will start choking. 
    Take the funnel back
    Use switch to lift him up

    When Ruby comes back, she will ask you to get him down and he will start vomiting. Ruby will be in a state of self-blame and will hit keep hitting her head on the wall. Talk to her

    • It's not the end of the world.
    • Postpone the party.
    • I have an idea.
    You will somehow go back to office and be talking to Sebastian about it. You will then automatically have a venue! Task 1: Find a venue complete!

    The entire present thing is now complete! Yay!

    Now go to Republique to talk to Elma. 
    • Give her the present...

    You will be teleported into the restaurant. Go to the right and talk to the waiter. You will realise that this is Elma's birthday and she has not showed up at the venue yet, and she is also missing your text messages. Not a good sign.. 
    • Do you think life has any meaning?
    • And is life still worth living?
    • Who's the singer playing at the piano?
    • Why isn't she singing?
    • Technician's still not here?
    You will realise that the microphone is not working, and you being you will try to solve it. Take the broken microphone.

    Exit the place. You will reach some kind of an alley. At this moment you realise you cant go left, so just go down to the metro and got to Raspail AKA music shop. 

    Take the new microphone
    Use broken microphone on microphone stand.

    Not very ethical to be stealing.. Now go back to Trocadéro AKA restaurant. Go into the restaurant and put the new microphone back to the microphone stand. 

    Elma has not turned up the entire night.. Go out of the restaurant. You realise the left side of the alley is now accessible. Go and you will see a random man in a top hat as well as the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop. Nice! Talk to the dandy. The dandy will tell you that your solution to Elma is to let go of love. Learn to be detached from people to not get hurt. (What sort of advice is this??)
    • I see colours when I'm with Elma. He will tell you to enjoy life and not to commit to a person, occasional interactions with women brings colours as well. (He's obviously not very good at advice giving.)
    • Am I ridiculous..? Pathetic..? He will tell you that Elma does not deserve you and she is not ideal for you. Ok good point. 
    • I don't know what to do. He tells you the ultimate truth that you are here just to rant and you have done so. This is the best thing I have heard. Some people just want to rant all day and all they need is a listening ear more than suggestions. 
    • Thank you. I have to go.
    So where to go?? Go back to the restaurant and talk to the waiter.
    • The singer's already left?
    You will learn that Elma chose to go on a one-night stand with another guy than go for this mini concert prepared for her. It is honestly very frustrating cos all the effort has come to naught. For me, the most frustrating thing is to figure the football questions out!! You also realise that there is no kiosk outside the restaurant, so who were you talking to???

    END OF 2003
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