Hidden Secrets Free: Answers Level 1 - 7 (Text Only)

Hidden Secrets free is a game similar to Godtower where you have to key in the answers to the puzzles to solve it and move on to the next level. There are 6 levels in this free version and much more in the paid version, but I don't think I'll be buying the paid version because I'm a miser. Anyway do support the creator because it really is a great game!!

[Edit: I bought the app!!! Puzzles 8 - 14 here!]

Download it on Google Play here


Level 1
Answer: Makes sense
Follow the equation and convert the numbers into alphabets. i.e. 1 = A because A is the first letter of the alphabet series

Level 2
Answer: These things
Write the alphabets in capital letters before those in lower case

Level 3
Answer: Are everywhere
Google braille and decipher the answer

Level 4
Answer: Or not
The clue is there. Check out your phone's touchpad (or google phone number pad) and find the alphabets that corresponds to the numbers. i.e. 1 = A, 11 = B, 111 = C, 2 = D, etc. 

Level 5
Answer: astronaut
Google morse code and decipher to get -14.7452 -75.079810 - you realise they are coordinates
Use Google Maps and type in the coordinates and you will be in a strange place looking like a man
Click on the flag and you will get astronaut, Peru

Level 6 
Answer: watch us
The answer is in the clue - golden ratio
If you google golden ratio, you will see that it is 1.61
Take each number and multiply it by 1.61 and you will get 23 1 20 3 8  21 19 
Convert the numbers into alphabets (similar to puzzle 1) and you will get the answer - watch us

Level 7
I didn't buy the paid version so.. thank you to Salvatore, Gabriel and Rebecca for sharing!
Answer: Are like whispers
The big hint is EREH! EREH! EREH! - Everything is reversed. So what are Olemme, Similis and Fisildiyor?! Sounds quite foreign to me..
So you go to Google Translate and type in "Olemme", "Similis" and Fisildiyor".
Olemme = Are (in Finnish)
Similis = Like (in Latin)
Fisildiyor = Whispers (in Turkish)

Anybody who needs help with later levels, you can send me a screenshot at nothingviral@gmail.com

H O P E   T H I S   H E L P S

Levels 8 - 14
Puzzles 15 - 20
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