Pokemon Quest General Walkthrough (Text only)

Apologies for the hiatus - work has been crazy and I've been playing 2 games: Pokemon Quest and Fishercat! I love both games for various reasons but let's talk about Pokemon Quest first.

Pokemon Quest is a new addition to The Pokemon Company's mobile games after Pokemon Go. Well I kind of enjoyed Pokemon Go for 3 days then I got bored of it, but I think Pokemon Quest is more interesting because it gives you an interesting storyline as well as a chance to catch 'em all (150 in the first generation). The major draw is the nostalgic value and that everything is in cubes which is so cute!! 

You can download it from the play store and apple store, or get it on your Nintendo Switch

Currently I am only at island 7 - it gets exponentially tougher to level up and complete the higher levels, so I usually change my goal and evolve Pokemon instead. 

Currently I have 46/150 and as a Pokenerd, I have the 3 starting Pokemon as my dream team. I started with Squirtle and got Bulbasaur and Charmander by using the pot. 

The pot is where you can mix ingredients that you have gathered during the expeditions to make soups to attract Pokemon. There are different permutations to make various soups i.e. some soups require more blue ingredients, some with soft ingredients, etc. According to the game, 2 or more of the same ingredient is considered as "a whole lot" of the ingredient. The various soups attract different kinds of Pokemon as well - red soups attract 'reddish' Pokemon, some soups attract electric types, etc. 

So far I have the normal metal pot (that requires 3 of the same ingredient), a bronze pot (that requires 10 of the same ingredient) that is uncovered after level 3, and a silver pot (that requires 15 of the same ingredient) that is uncovered after level 6. The bronze pot can attract up to level 30 Pokemon and the silver pot can attract Pokemon of levels 50+ (personally I don't use the silver pot much unless I want to use those Pokemon to train others for easy levelling up and evolutions).

You can sacrifice some Pokemon to raise the EXP of your chosen Pokemon or to teach some some skills. Pokemon can learn new skills when they evolve - I managed to teach my Gyarados Hyper Beam and it was awesome! Tip: while raising EXP of Pokemon, make it such that it is just before the Pokemon reaches the next level of evolution, so that you can bring the Pokemon for an expedition and have it to level up and evolve quickly (Pokemon cannot level up during training).

Pokemon types matter as well. When a Pokemon is of an advantageous type, it raises the team's score. The team's score does not have to be higher than the level's score to win, but it is a rough gauge of whether you should try your luck at the level.

The type of move does not affect the strength and effectiveness of the move - a normal and water type move have about the same amount of the damage in the game, whether it is versus a type that is weak to water or not.

I like to play the game because I feel that the Pokemon use the skills faster when I'm controlling it, and that I can flee whenever needed (like when Mr Mime draws out some dummy Pokemon which is distracting and allows it to kill my team).

Alternatively you can also use the auto button so that the Pokemon can fight on their own. This is extremely useful for me when at work or going other errands - my Pokemon can still battle when I'm not with them! Only thing is to note that the team's score should be higher or similar to the level's score because it is automated.

I hope this general walkthrough helps! Let me know if you need more information and I will include them in this site! 

General Guide
Soup Guide
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