Désiré 2003 Full Walkthrough (Text only)

Désiré 2003
For those who want a quick fix

1. Talk to Sebastian about the restructuring plan.

2. Go to the underground

3. Talk to Elma. The train will come and you will then reach the soup kitchen.

4. Talk to Elma again. Go to the back room.

5. Open 3 cupboards and you will hear Elma screaming. Go back to the dining room.

6. Talk to the homeless person

7. Go back to the back room and take the glove and back to the dining room again.

8. Talk to the beggar

9. He will point the knife at you. Now use the glove, and then use the knife on homeless person to shoo him away. 

10. Talk to Elma. 

11. Talk to Kevin.

12. Talk to Sebastian about the restaurant. He will let you know he has a friend who owns a restaurant

13. Talk to Pablo.

14. Talk to Cecilé.
  • Talk about the restructuring plan
  • Earn her trust.. 
  • (1) I have real respect for authentic feminism.
  • (3) Simone de Beauvoir was a figurehead of feminism.
  • (1) The gender battle is one that never shed any blood.
  • (2) The male chauvinist pig is a millstone around the neck of feminism.
  • (3) An emancipated woman worst enemies are her family and kids. 
  • (1) It's totally unacceptable!
  • (3) Beware excesses!
  • (3) I agree on that point.
15. Talk to Pablo again

16. Talk to Kevin. 
  • Would you have a USB key to lend me? 
  • Q: Who said: Football is like chess, only without the dice
    • (2) Lukas Podalski. 
  • Q: 1990 World Cup Semis. Italy VS Argentina. The referee forgot to blow the whistle at the end of the first half. Why did he forget?
    • He's left the whistle in the changing room. 
    • (4) He forgot to check his watch.
  • Q: Who said: A football match is played with three referees, so refereeing errors are three times more likely
    • (1) Guy Roux.
  • Q: Who said: To get to the penalty area and not be able to take a shot is like dancing with your own sister. 
    • (4) Diego Maradona. 
  • Q: Who said: When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.
    • (3) Eric Cantona.
  • Q: Who said: It's not an open secret, everyone knows about it now.
    • (3) Menu Petit. 
  • Q: Why are there eleven players in a football team?
    • (2) Doesn't it have something to do with dormitories in English public schools?
  • Q: During the 1950 World Cup in Brazil, India was qualified but pulled out. Why?
    • (3) The rules forbade teams from playing barefoot.
  • Q: What happened on the 4th of May in 1949 in the late afternoon in Turin, Italy?
    • (2) A plane crash?
  • Q: What is the highest score in football history?
    • (4) I don't know.. 149-0?
17. Click on the table between Cecilé and Pablo. You will get Hard Drives.

18. Click on Kevin's rucksack to get his Keys

19. Go to Julien Foutriquet's room.

20. Talk to Julien.

21. Go back to Open Space.

22. Use Computer with USB Key

23. Use USB Key with Pablo.

24. Go to Place de Clichy, AKA Kevin's Home.

25. Use Kevin's keys with Kevin's house twice.

26. Get the Whiskey on the table. 

27. Open the drawer and keep clicking!! Eventually you will get the personal handbook.

28. Get the funnel near the stove. 

29. Use hard drives with computer.

30. Now use personal handbook with computer.

31. Go back to Opéra, AKA the company/office. 

32. Use whiskey with rucksack, then go to Julien Foutriquet's room to rat on Kevin. 

33. Talk to Julien.

34. Talk to Cécile.

35. Go to Raspail AKA the music shop.

36. Click on the piano. Talk to the seller. 

37. Go back to Opéra, AKA the company/office.

38. Go to Julien Foutriquet's room.

39. Talk to Julien

40. Go back to Raspail AKA the music shop.

41. Talk to seller

42. Go to Nation AKA Ruby.

43. Tell her "I heard the doorbell ring".

44. Get the detergent behind where Mistress Ruby was

45. Click the switch at the most right of the room.

46. Use funnel on slave

47. Use detergent on funnel (note: not on slave)

48. Take the funnel back

49. Use switch to lift him up

50. Go back to office and talk to Sebastian about it.

51. Go to Republique to talk to Elma. You will be teleported into the restaurant.

52. Go to the right and talk to the waiter.

53. Take the broken microphone.

54. Go to Raspail AKA music shop. 

55. Take the new microphone

56. Use broken microphone on microphone stand.

57. Go back to Trocadéro AKA restaurant. Go into the restaurant and put the new microphone back to the microphone stand.

58. Go out of the restaurant.

59. Go to the left and talk to the dandy.

60. Go back to the restaurant and talk to the waiter.

END OF 2003

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