Virtual Families 2 Home Renovation: Bathroom Remodel (Pictures)

Virtual Families 2 is hands down my favourite game app (other than candy crush). I play all other games from Last Day of Work as well (including virtual villagers, virtual town, etc.), but this is my favourite. Really can't wait for Virtrual Families 3 to be out!

Ok so while deciding to spruce up my home, I realised I couldn't see how the upgrades would look like from my tiny phone. As such, I googled, but surprisingly I couldn't find any screenshots of pictures of the upgrades though the game is from 2012!! 

Hence burning my money to create these screenshots.. 

This is the original bathroom. Looks quite nice actually but don't think it will last you more than 5 generations before being sick of it. Please note that when you change the bathroom, there's no way to get the original bathroom again!

Disclaimer: The soap, toothbrush, and towels are bought by me. Don't freak out if you realise your bathroom doesn't have those items! 

Bathroom Remodel in Blue
See what I mean! It's not the original but looking good!

Bathroom Remodel in Black
I actually like this quite a fair bit. Looks cool!

Bathroom Remodel in Beige
This is one of my top choices! Looks classy to me!

Bathroom Remodel in Green
This is by far my favourite and also my current bathroom colour! Looks super clean to me! Also looks like a dental office but that's actually what I like about it hahaha

Bathroom Remodel in Pink
Definitely not my thing but I guess if you're thinking of having a ladies here and the gents at the back of the house, why not?

Hope these pictures give you a better idea of which colour to remodel your bathroom to! 


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