Triple Town: Triple Castle (what it looks like)

I think I get obsessed over the littlest of things.. I love playing Triple Town (despite this game being super old), and hence I always wonder what in the world does the triple castle look like??!

So the triple castle is a combination of 4 floating castles, which is super duper hard to achieve. It is also the very last of what can be made!!

Growth chart:
Grass > Bush > Trees > Hut > House > Mansion > Castle > Floating Castle > Triple Castle

How much grass you need for each object: 
1 > 3 > 9 > 27 > 81 > 243 > 729 > 2187 > 8748

You need at least 8748 grass for the triple castle?!?! 
Thank goodness for other objects especially the diamond which is the major shortcut that is much appreciated and prayed for during the game! 

If you want to see more growth charts, you can refer to (they probably do a better job explaining than me)

Anyway, when I finally got the triple castle, I took many screenshots of it using all the seasons (you can also take this chance to see which season is worth buying):

The default skin - the triple castle is glowing!!

Spring skin - Nice! I like the red tops. This is actually my favourite skin. Look at the flowers and trees hehe it's so nice!

Fall skin - Don't ask me why there isn't any Summer skin.. I think it looks almost like the default skin, just that it is a bit darker. I'm not too keen on this skin cos it looks so Halloween-ish (think I'm just not a fan of autumn)

Winter skin - Looks super nice! Maybe Elsa wanna consider living here?? Hehe :p

Candy skin - thumbs down to the developers making this instead of the summer skin!! But the triple castle looks super awesome (probably the nicest). The overload of pink is killing me though.. 

Hope these pictures will feed you curious cats :3
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