Désiré 2020 Walkthrough Part 4: Final Enlightenment (Text only)

Parts 1, 2, and 3 here. This is the very last walkthrough for the game!

In the previous part, you and Léa drenched Martin with water in hopes of creating a decoy to get the manuscript.

Now rush back to the office. You will realise that you still don't have the code, and Désiré suggests to find a way to limit the numbers.

Go out of the house and into the stationery shop (most left building in the village).
Take the brush from the paint area near the stairs.
Take the pencil and cutter on the right of the screen. 
Go back to Martin's office. 

Use the pencil with cutter. Use the brush with the ashtray to get brush with graphite power
Click on the painting. Use the brush with graphite powder on the safe

Put the painting back and go out. Martin is back. Talk to him
  • I'm sorry.
  • I have to go.

Go back into the office and crack the code. Mine is 492, not sure if it shuffles every time. Get the manuscript! Go into the church. 

Use the manuscript on Désiré. He sees colour (think this is the one and only time we see colour in the entire game!!), but somehow he decides that he can't be selfish and steal the manuscript, he wants to give it back to Léa. 

Get out of the church. Go back to Martin's house and you will see Léa. Give her the manuscript. It's great that Désiré has become enlightened and now wants to pass the book to another lonely child. 

Désiré now says he want to see colours in the church before he goes.. That long walk!!! 


The colours have now faded, and he claims to have seen Jesus.
Talk to Jesus
  • Are you painting your own portrait for the church?
  • Is it only art that you admire in man?
  • Talking about heroism...
Jesus will then accuse Désiré of giving the manuscript to run away from his emotions, but Désiré thinks that it is because he has found his answers. The screen fades.

The game ends with Désiré looking out at the scenery and pondering about life. 

T H E   E N D 

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