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Xcape: Upside Down Review

Xcape has a lot of escape rooms and has been quoted to be one of the largest and best in Singapore. I've only been to one room so I can't say much, but I wasn't 100% pleased with the service here. The best rooms are the scary ones, such as Annabelle (where they said they actually bought the Annabelle doll from the museum). I won't be reviewing that cos I'm a scaredery cat lol..

Anyway, go to the corner of Bugis Street and up the stairs at Xcape season 2 and tell the staff you want to play Upside Down. It's actually a Harry Potter themed escape room so I guess HP fans will take some joy in this? Unfortunately I forgot a lot of my HP knowledge but it doesn't really matter actually.

This room is a single room, which means that you won't be unlocking doors to another room or climbing to another compound, etc. There are some cool mechanics in the room, don't worry.

It was just two of us today, me and my friend trying out escape room for the first time. W…

Phuket Food Review: No. 6 Restaurant

Here's a short food review of No. 6 Restaurant that we been. Thai food here is simply great! Please note that there are 2 No. 6 restaurants in Phuket, and they are both linked to each other. One is a street shop while the other is at the hill top. You can get a free ride up the tuk tuk from the street stall and the hilltop and vice versa, so don't be skeptical if any of the staff asks if you would like to go to the other No. 6 restaurant when the current one is full. 
This is what we ordered at the street stall - green curry, pad thai (squid), glass noodles and papaya salad. Together with some Chang Beer, think we spent about 590 baht (~S$24) on this (really super duper worth it!). 
Green curry 7.5/10 Good, a bit too dilute for my liking but very flavourful
Pad thai
I love pad thai and this is very awesome - one of the best I have ever eaten!! A bit on the sweet side but not too unappealing, really a must try for all visitors!

Glass noodles
I'm not too big of a fa…

Virtual Families 2 Home Renovation: Workshop Remodel (Pictures)

YES FINALLY THE LAST REMODEL POST Not sure whether the game developers just have no idea how to decorate the workshop or is it just too much work to do it, but to be honest I don't fancy both designs. 
Please take note that you won't get the original workshop back, and you can interchange between the Wood Paneled Workshop Remodel and Checkered Workshop Remodel for free after you have paid for both. 
For those who are still unaware, Virtual Families 2 is a simulation game very similar yet much simpler than Sims where you get to control your character, start a family, and climb the career ladder. I like it more than Sims cos it's not so battery and data consuming (in fact, this game doesn't even use data!), and I don't really have so much time doing the other stuff that Sims has.
The original workshop To be honest I think this is the best and I would recommend everyone not to buy the remodels 
Wood Paneled Workshop Remodel  I chose this cos it's the better of bot…

Virtual Families 2 Home Renovation: Office Remodel (Pictures)

So ya ya bla bla ba I love Virtual Families 2 but currently I'm getting quite frustrated cos everyone is having cough at home.. 
Just look at their coordinated dancing Nah just kidding they are actually coughing their lives away
Ok not going to keep repeating. Just take a look to decide what kind of office you like. 
2 things: 1. You cannot get the original office once you have remodelled (no loss to be honest). 2. You can keep using the remodel you bought without extra cost. 
Original office. Pretty meh.
Office Remodel in Blue I actually like this very much! But nope not what I chose. Think it is a bit depressing to work in a room in dark blue. 
Dark Office Remodel If you are trying to create a dreadful and dull working environment then go ahead! I'm definitely putting too much emotions and whatever colour psychology knowledge I have left to deter my people from going crazy while working in this room. 
Office Remodel in Green Looks like a golf course lol nope not putting my …

Virtual Families 2 Home Renovation: Kitchen Remodel (Pictures)

Actually the only thing keeping me going in this game is to complete all the tasks and to make my people do silly things 
Just can't set this oven on fire.. I read the forum that people are on their 76th generation and STILL NO FIRE!! Trying to lock my people out of the kitchen and let the house burn, but it's not working!!
Anyway as previously mentioned, while deciding to spruce up my home, I realised I couldn't see how the upgrades would look like from my tiny phone. As such, I googled, but surprisingly I couldn't find any screenshots of pictures of the upgrades though the game is from 2012!! 
So here are pictures of the remodeled kitchens. Please note that you cannot get the original kitchen once you remodeled it. Also, don't worry about overspending cos you can swap kitchen remodeling for free i.e. once you have purchased the Kitchen Remodel in Beige, it will forever be yours!
The original kitchen To be honest it looks nicer than the Kitchen Remodel in Yellow

Virtual Families 2 Home Renovation: Bathroom Remodel (Pictures)

Virtual Families 2 is hands down my favourite game app (other than candy crush). I play all other games from Last Day of Work as well (including virtual villagers, virtual town, etc.), but this is my favourite. Really can't wait for Virtrual Families 3 to be out!
Ok so while deciding to spruce up my home, I realised I couldn't see how the upgrades would look like from my tiny phone. As such, I googled, but surprisingly I couldn't find any screenshots of pictures of the upgrades though the game is from 2012!! 
Hence burning my money to create these screenshots.. 
This is the original bathroom. Looks quite nice actually but don't think it will last you more than 5 generations before being sick of it. Please note that when you change the bathroom, there's no way to get the original bathroom again!
Disclaimer: The soap, toothbrush, and towels are bought by me. Don't freak out if you realise your bathroom doesn't have those items! 
Bathroom Remodel in Blue See …

10 Kinds of People in Meetings

So yes I have been in a long meeting today and got the chance to people watch. This list is not extensive and is just my personal opinion. Feel free to comment if I have left any kinds of people out! Here goes:

1. The leader Most of the time, the boss. The one who leads the meeting. Duh, because how else are we going to finish the meeting on time with 2s and 6s on hand.. When the leader talks, nobody talks. That's what I love about meetings because when the leader stops, it's time to go home!

2. The speaker There is always this group of people who MUST say something in every meeting whether or not it is constructive. Call them attention seekers or bootlickers if you must, but they MUST. SAY. A. WORD. if not nobody will know they are present. There could be an unspoken who-gets-the-most-airtime-wins competition between them, who knows? But I love it when they talk because it's a clear signal of toilet time for me!

3. The "notetaker" PLEASE, like there's soooo ma…

Désiré 1992 Walkthrough Part 3: Revenge (Text only)

Revenge time!
Let's go to school.

Use kinky poster with David. His eyes will literally pop out and he will run to the toilet..

Go to the toilet and you will see him fapping (this game is obviously not PG13, please only play if you are above 16 years of age as suggested by the game).

Click on the right edge of the sink to go up.

Now use the camera with David. Time to go down and get out!


Go to the Chapel for some blackmailing fun.

Talk to Father Fouco and tell him that "I stole a video tape in my psychiatrist's office.", "I did not lie about that tape.", and "Ask for the photocopying card". He will give it to you so that he can have the porn tape for his sick fantasies.

Ok now it is time to go back home.


Use Scopa with Aunt Nina's sleeve. Talk to Aunt Lucia and tell her that Nina is cheating. They will then get into a argument with each other. Gives you loads of time to develop the photo now!

Go into the photo room and tell dad that there&#…

Désiré 1992 Walkthrough Part 2: School (Text only)

Disclaimer: This walkthrough is going to be long. Unlike usual escape room or puzzle games, Désiré makes you return to the same scene to respeak to people in order to continue the game. Gets a bit messy but at least no items pop up only at certain parts of the game.

From the previous part, you somehow faded into the old man's house after burying the love egg in the wooden box.

The old man will be talking a lot to Désiré, mostly telling him how foolish he is. Talk to the old man and click on every sentence until the only statements left are "I want to hear one of your fantastic stories." and "I don't know if I can do it". Apparently you will learn about this guy named David who bullies Désiré because he knows Désiré's secret of (play to find out). The old man would give the most ridiculous solution of taking revenge, which Désiré would end up doing anyway.

So this revenge plan consists of distributing photos of David jerking off in the toilet at pictures…
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