10 Kinds of People in Meetings

So yes I have been in a long meeting today and got the chance to people watch. This list is not extensive and is just my personal opinion. Feel free to comment if I have left any kinds of people out! Here goes:

1. The leader

Most of the time, the boss. The one who leads the meeting. Duh, because how else are we going to finish the meeting on time with 2s and 6s on hand.. When the leader talks, nobody talks. That's what I love about meetings because when the leader stops, it's time to go home!

2. The speaker

There is always this group of people who MUST say something in every meeting whether or not it is constructive. Call them attention seekers or bootlickers if you must, but they MUST. SAY. A. WORD. if not nobody will know they are present. There could be an unspoken who-gets-the-most-airtime-wins competition between them, who knows? But I love it when they talk because it's a clear signal of toilet time for me!

3. The "notetaker"

PLEASE, like there's soooo many things to write (unless you are the minute taker)! Kinda obvious that these people are either writing to prevent themselves from falling asleep, doodling, or doing other work. But well done for multitasking!

4. The lost in translation

Unfortunately not everyone in the meeting in adept in English or whatever the language spoken, so they may actually lag behind and will keep asking you what the speaker is saying. For people who have a bad day or simply have no patience, please don't sit beside these people if not they will drive you nuts. But one thing is that these people look very serious (which can fool the leader), but actually what they are asking is "now what ah?"

5. The agreer

Most of the time these people fall into two categories - the bootlickers and the people who are just there for the sake of being there. Of course bootlickers will say yes to everything their boss says, what else can they say? As for the latter, it is always safer to agree than disagree.

6. The critic

Of course you will have the opposite of the agreer, the one who condemns everything. Every idea is bad, every comment is negative, every sharing is redundant, etc. This person simply has no interest and definitely zero enjoyment in coming for the meetings. I'm also not sure why they don't want to just get an MC for that day..

7. The workaholic

This is similar yet very different from the notetaker. These guys are doing serious work and cannot be stopped! From checking emails to completing readings, there is nothing that can get their attention away from their work. But it doesn't really matter if you're there just for the sake of being there.

8. The social media addict

Why am I not surprised?!?! Seriously what else do people do when they're bored other than checking out their FaceBook or Instagram accounts? Sorry to say but Twitter is not used as commonly here in Singapore unlike what our head of media relations thinks..

9. The snacker

Why not since there's so much food right? Some of my colleagues look forward to meetings because there's food. Hello did you starve yourself for days to prepare for this?? But anyway, as long as you don't chew with your mouth open, I'm fine.

10. The daydreamer 

Lastly, everyone is guilty of this, even the leader. Cos c'mon, you can't deny that there are boring parts to every meeting. It's normal to daydream at times! Just don't do it too often if not you will become "lost in translation". Not very nice to get called out for daydreaming too.

I am obviously a daydreamer, if not there wouldn't be this post! What kind of person in a meeting are you?
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