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Désiré 2020 Walkthrough Part 4: Final Enlightenment (Text only)

Parts 1, 2, and 3 here. This is the very last walkthrough for the game!

In the previous part, you and Léa drenched Martin with water in hopes of creating a decoy to get the manuscript.

Now rush back to the office. You will realise that you still don't have the code, and Désiré suggests to find a way to limit the numbers.

Go out of the house and into the stationery shop (most left building in the village). Take the brush from the paint area near the stairs. Take the pencil and cutter on the right of the screen.  Go back to Martin's office. 
Use the pencil with cutter. Use the brush with the ashtray to get brush with graphite power.  Click on the painting. Use the brush with graphite powder on the safe
Put the painting back and go out. Martin is back. Talk to him I'm sorry.I have to go.
Go back into the office and crack the code. Mine is 492, not sure if it shuffles every time. Get the manuscript! Go into the church. 

Use the manuscript on Désiré. He sees colour (think thi…

Désiré 2020 Walkthrough Part 3: The Manuscript (Text only)

Parts 1 and 2 here.

You are now in Lyon, looking for Martin Lacour, the antique collector ho may have your manuscript. Go straight into the church. You will see a small girl, talk to her. That's a nice boat.I am looking for Martin Lacour. Do you know him?I need to meet with him.Do you have the front door key?Léa gives you the front door key to her house (whatever happened to no talking to strangers..) Go back to the village and right to the antiques collector.  Use the key on the door.  Go right into the office.

You will see an old man, who is presumably Martin Lacour. Talk to him. In fact, I came to see you to...Do you have any manuscripts in your collection.This manuscript is very important to me.Do you know anything about the manuscript?I think you do. Go back to the living room. Désiré will read the manuscript and finally see colours, before Martin takes the manuscript away.. Martin gives Désiré dinner and lodging in exchange for information.
The next morning comes and Désiré i…

Désiré 2020 Walkthrough Part 2: Old Grudges (Text only)

Part 1 here.

Désiré has absolutely no clue where he is, the sales assistant is definitely a liar.

Walk into the house. Keep clicking the black window and soon Désiré will be hit by a spade. He will then be in the car with the crazy sales assistant taunting him. Now that I think about it, he does look a bit familiar...

Talk to the sales assistant. He will reveal that he is David from high school (the bully whom Désiré "publicised" for watching porn in 1992)

Put the flame out!What are you going to do to me?At least, explain it to me...What happened that brought you so low?What happened after that?So in the end, it was alright, then...How did it end?I have a better idea. It's quite sad for David - he got expelled in 1992 and with tragic family circumstances, he took a job as a mechanic. He met his wife and had two kids but it was not a good marriage, which ended up with a divorce and his wife left with his kids, leaving him all alone. But what has everything got to do with …

Désiré 2020 Walkthrough Part 1: Finding Colour (Text only)

Now to the last chapter: 2020. Désiré is now a grown man with a beard and moustache, in some kind of tribal area (which you will later realise that it is Africa).

Take the bamboo somewhere in the middle background of the screen.
Go into the hut.

Talk to Angolo (the shopkeeper).

Do you have aspirin? Angolo will give you aspirinWhat about the elephant tusks up there?Angolo will tell you that he wants jewelry in exchange of the ivoryHow much for the metal detector?Take the metal detector unchargedDo you have any batteries for the detector?Angolo will give you batteries. Use it with the metal detector uncharged to charge it.  Go out. Use metal detector charged with ground (left side of screen). Go back, ask Angolo for batteries, use it with metal detector, and go out. Use metal detector charged with ground (right side of screen). You will get a necklace.
Give the necklace to Angolo. He gives you a hook.  Use the hook on bamboo to get hook attached to bamboo stick 
Ask Angolo Do you still ha…

The Last Door: Collector's Edition Walkthrough

The Last Door is a series of point and click adventure games on the computer and phone. I'm obviously playing the Android version (as all other game walkthroughs). Click here to download from Play Store, and here from Apple Store.

It's a bit morbid but definitely fun. Nice pixel graphics and gripping storyline too!

Prologue (AKA Tutorial)
After all the things I've seen
Pick up the rope. Pick up the chair. After all the things I've done.
Click on one of the two legs of the chair to tie the rope to it. My life is on a course that I can't escape from
Click on the rope. It's too late for me now
Click on the chair. I just hope you could forgive me someday
Click on the chair. Yours sincerely, Anthony Beechworth
You will hang yourself and then the title will appear.

Now the game starts.


Click on the door - you will go in the house
Take off your coat

Move right
Get matches from drinks cabinet
Open door and go through

Click on largepainting repeatedly for it to drop - get…

COTMK Curse of the Mushroom King Walkthrough (Text only)

COTMK is a point-and-click adventure where you are a viking who got cursed by the mushroom king (to be unable to eat PB&J sandwiches are you serious). To save yourself, you have to find some ingredients for him.

It's a fun game and has cute visuals, funny characters, and a silly storyline. Absolutely loved it!

Download the game on Google play here.

Now, the game.


You start out at Mushroom Village. You are cursed.

You need to get 5 ingredients:

Hot SauceChocolate MilkDragon's EggBaked BeansBanana Get the following items here: List of ingredients - at the rightmost houseBlack Fabric - roots of the tree in the middleHook - house beside Mushroom King
Go to the left to get to the outside of Pillaging Pony (a pub). Get inside via the right door (doesn't matter which door actually).

Get these items: Scissors - on tableCrowbar - top right of screen
Go upstairs to the room.

Get these items: Sleeping pills - below bed Mug - above drawer
Go down and to the other room to see the pub.

Désiré 2011 Walkthrough Part 3: Saving Damien (Text only)

Désiré and Andy are now outside Damien's neighbour's house, hoping to find him after his neighbour wrote a threatening letter to him..

From part 2, Andy will act as a diversion and Désiré will look for clues in the neighbour's house. I actually like this part because you get to play as both Andy as Désiré! Cool!

Ok so let's start:

Talk to Andy

You sure this isn't a mistake?Alright, let's go! Désiré will knock on the door then hide at the corner. The neighbour will come out and help Andy with the phone. 
Use rope with hook.
Use the rope & hook with roof.
Click on the rope & hook and Désiré will climb to get into the house. 

Now you will watch from Andy's POV where he has made the phone call and is now needing the washroom, but the washroom is upstairs so.. Andy can't be a diversion anymore! 
Back to Désiré's POV, go into the bedroom.
Go to the hallway. Go to office.
Take the new letter from the typewriter. He then calls Andy, but won't wor…

Désiré 2011 Walkthrough Part 2: Weird Friends (Text only)

Ok now that the weirdness of part 1 is over, I promise part 2 will be longer!!

You are now in a room.. Talk to the weird looking guy (Theodore).

Do you come here often?The atmosphere of the place just draws you in.No.. Not reallyWhich lady do you recommend?
Go to the right, you will see a lady Camille at the bar. Would you like a glass of something? Ok now let's find a glass..
Go back to Theodore (cos what else can you get from this room?!) Do you know where I can find a glass? He will tell you to go back to the bar, and you will magically see an emptyglass on the table. What?! It definitely wasn't there the previous time.. (check the screenshot)
It's very weird but give Camille the empty glass This place is so...Life is miseraableMy life is falling apart
So Désiré keeps wallowing in his misery I swear I could slap him, and the lights will suddenly go brighter and brighter until it goes dark and you are in a room with a lady and a dog. I assume it's a flashback. 

Talk to É…

Regeria Hope Episode 1 Full Walkthrough (Text only)

Regeria Hope is a visual novel app very similar to the Phoenix Wright (PW) series. You play as a rookie defense lawyer, Regeria Hope, and prevent your client from being judged as guilty. Gameplay is simple, just click accordingly to the clues and testimonies given.

It is basically a very raw version of PW, but I love the series so I definitely enjoyed the game! It's also a very good first version of an app - I honestly enjoyed the game primarily because of the sincerity of the app developer in making this game.

You can check out his kickstarter website and donate to him for more games here (not paid to do this!), and download the app here (I think it may not be available on iPhone yet).

Ok let's start.


You can choose to turn screen animations on or off, I turned if off hoping to save some battery.

Dead Drunk
You see a scene where the groom poured wine into the bride's glass, she drinks it, stands up to make a speech but collapses. Naturally everyone will think the groom is…
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