Virtual Families 2 Home Renovation: Kitchen Remodel (Pictures)

Actually the only thing keeping me going in this game is to complete all the tasks and to make my people do silly things 

Just can't set this oven on fire.. I read the forum that people are on their 76th generation and STILL NO FIRE!! Trying to lock my people out of the kitchen and let the house burn, but it's not working!!

Anyway as previously mentioned, while deciding to spruce up my home, I realised I couldn't see how the upgrades would look like from my tiny phone. As such, I googled, but surprisingly I couldn't find any screenshots of pictures of the upgrades though the game is from 2012!! 

So here are pictures of the remodeled kitchens. Please note that you cannot get the original kitchen once you remodeled it. Also, don't worry about overspending cos you can swap kitchen remodeling for free i.e. once you have purchased the Kitchen Remodel in Beige, it will forever be yours!

The original kitchen
To be honest it looks nicer than the Kitchen Remodel in Yellow

Kitchen Remodel in Beige
Yes this is my favourite and also what I'm currently using

Country Kitchen Remodel
I dunno but this is not very appealing to me. Looks like the rest of the house actually. 

Kitchen Remodel in Yellow
I don't like this at all 

Hope these pictures give you a better idea of which colour to remodel your kitchen to! 


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