Virtual Families 2 Home Renovation: Office Remodel (Pictures)

So ya ya bla bla ba I love Virtual Families 2 but currently I'm getting quite frustrated cos everyone is having cough at home.. 

Just look at their coordinated dancing
Nah just kidding they are actually coughing their lives away

Ok not going to keep repeating. Just take a look to decide what kind of office you like. 

2 things:
1. You cannot get the original office once you have remodelled (no loss to be honest).
2. You can keep using the remodel you bought without extra cost. 

Original office. Pretty meh.

Office Remodel in Blue
I actually like this very much! But nope not what I chose. Think it is a bit depressing to work in a room in dark blue. 

Dark Office Remodel
If you are trying to create a dreadful and dull working environment then go ahead! I'm definitely putting too much emotions and whatever colour psychology knowledge I have left to deter my people from going crazy while working in this room. 

Office Remodel in Green
Looks like a golf course lol nope not putting my people there

Modern Office Remodel
I thought this place looks very minimalistic (other than all the stupid upgrades I bought) and quite relaxing! I chose this in the end. 

Office Remodel in Red
Actually one of my contenders but nah not for now

Ok hope this helps, bye! 

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