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Désiré 1992 Walkthrough Part 1: Beach (Text only)

Let's start with some controls.

1. Click on the top right hand corner to see a bag. That's his inventory. You can either join objects together or drag them to something to gather a reaction.

2. The bottom right corner are the settings.
It's extremely important to keep saving because the same does not autosave! Also, good to click options to change some of your subtitle speed, font size, and other technical options.

3. Just click anywhere for Désiré to move around and react with items. He can pick them up if important.


Ok now for the part you have been searching for.

So yes, the start of Désiré brings you to a forsaken beach with a lot boy in the middle of nowhere. The game starts with the narrator giving you a short introduction of our lead persona Désiré.

1. Click on the inventory (top right corner of page)
2. Click on the scroll (book of spells) and drag to Désiré. He will be reading some instructions on how to make someone fall in love with him. Ok.. make a wooden b…

Désiré Full Walkthrough (Text only)

Désiré is a point and click mobile app following a colour-blind guy throughout stages of his life. It portrays a lot of his self thoughts and his journey towards finding colours.

There are altogether 4 parts of his life that you will be adventuring: 1992, 2003, 2011, and 2020.

1992 shows his childhood about how he pranked his bully as revenge and where he met a mysterious sailorman (who will turn out to be a key character in the game
2003 depicts his lack of conscience and desperation in scoring a relationship but failing badly
2011 explains his search for his friend, which did not end too well
2020 ends the series with somewhat involuntary self-acceptance of himself

It's not exactly the happiest game you can play, but the sometimes illogical and unpredictable storyline grips your attention and makes you just want to continue and find out what's next. It's not so intense like the usual escape room apps, but it is good enough for me to write a review on it.

Took me 2 days (…

Escape Hunt: The White Chapel Murderer Review

Today we went to Escape Hunt to try our 2nd room there (White Chapel Murderer), and it was great! I would not suggest this room to beginners because some intuition is needed to complete some of the tasks (one of the puzzles which we needed help in required us to "read in a way that we usually would"). It's also a good room for the more experienced as the puzzles in this room are not the typical kind you'd experience in other rooms. Generally it was very visually and audibly entertaining! 
For a scaredary cat like me, this escape room is not scary despite its theme, so people with low fear tolerance should be able to survive this (you don't have to touch anything gruesome)! The rooms are also not pitch dark so don't worry!

Each time I thought I was close to escaping the room, there will be another puzzle that awaits me. Can be quite antagonizing but at the same time very exciting (and sometimes amusing). There is this one puzzle which would put you at the edg…

Which apps to download before travelling in Singapore

Think this is particularly useful for tourists and the geographically challenged like me. Please let me know if you have any great apps to introduce!

Disclaimer: Nobody was bribed or paid in the process of making this post.

1. Singapore MRT

FYI: MRT refers to Mass Rapid Transit, or otherwise known as train/subway. Notoriously known to break down or pause for 5 minutes or more, which is normal in the eyes of foreigners but something unacceptable by locals here.

It's a super good offline map for people to get around. At this moment (May 2017), there are 5 MRT lines in Singapore - East West Line (where the airport is), North South Line (to get to town - Orchard Road), North East Line (mainly to connect those in Punggol and Sengkang to the world), Circle Line (you can find good food along this line), and Downtown Line (whoever…

Random dental questions

I'll just post anything random that pops out of my mind here (and the date I thought of these questions),

1. Can I drink milk after brushing my teeth? (22 May 2017)
No (from 5 sources: xoxox)

Milk contains lactose, which will form a layer of glucose/sugar coating the teeth. All that sugar will serve as food for the bacteria to form an acidic environment which will allow more bacteria to grow and feed on the sugar which contributes to an acidic environment which will allow... (you get the point)

All that bacteria is going to chew on the tooth enamel (lol dat pun), causing dental plaque and eventually tooth decay.

So when your parents ask you to drink a glass before going to bed (so that you will be tall and strong or whatever), tell them that you rather be short and weak with a cute smile. Just drink in the morning you will still be tall and strong!!

2. What should I do to get rid of my bunny teeth? (28 May 2017)

Bunny teeth in dental terms is otherwise known as Class II malocclusion…


If you can see this post, it means I probably haven't posted enough yet.

I'm a Singaporean who is just using this blog to put material that I think will be helpful to myself and to others in the future.

Basically I will be posting questions that I have searched online and cutting the answers down to bite sizes for people to read in simple terms. Nothing is too difficult here!

I enjoy eating good food and engaging in art and craft, so I could do some food reviews or DIY instructables, but that will be for the future.

I can also be quite skeptical and crude, so pardon my language and please agree to disagree if my viewpoint differs from yours - I'm not here to start a conversation.

I hope you will have a good read here. :)
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