Désiré 1992 Walkthrough Part 2: School (Text only)

Disclaimer: This walkthrough is going to be long. Unlike usual escape room or puzzle games, Désiré makes you return to the same scene to respeak to people in order to continue the game. Gets a bit messy but at least no items pop up only at certain parts of the game.

From the previous part, you somehow faded into the old man's house after burying the love egg in the wooden box.

The old man will be talking a lot to Désiré, mostly telling him how foolish he is. Talk to the old man and click on every sentence until the only statements left are "I want to hear one of your fantastic stories." and "I don't know if I can do it". Apparently you will learn about this guy named David who bullies Désiré because he knows Désiré's secret of (play to find out). The old man would give the most ridiculous solution of taking revenge, which Désiré would end up doing anyway.

So this revenge plan consists of distributing photos of David jerking off in the toilet at pictures of sexy ladies. Thankfully the game is rather kind to actually teach you how to do it:
1. Create opportunity to let David jerk off in the toilet
2. Use father's camera to take a pic of David and his deed
3. Develop the photo in the photo lab
4. Photocopy photo in the school library and distribute

You will see the cross on the mouth icon at the top right corner. Use that when you want to end the conversation.

The old man's house is useless. Get out by clicking the door to exit.

Now let's start.


Note: the bold words are what you need to click/drag (if you are not keen on reading lengthy texts).

You will see a corridor. Click on the next door to go home.

Take the keys near the door (behind Désiré in this pic).

Talk to both Aunt Lucia and Aunt Nina. It's nothing much but just listen to them. You'll end with "How long have you two lived together?" and "I'll come back' for Aunt Lucia, and "Have you had lunch?" for Aunt Nina. Note that you can also click on Aunt Nina's sleeve. That will be helpful later.

Go to Désiré's bedroom at the top right corner. I really hate the clown picture at the left of the screen but thank goodness it's useless in the game. If you click on Désiré's computer 286 you can get to play his game. It's just an easter egg so don't worry too much about it.

Click on the walkman near the door.

Click on drawer, then click on new batteries.

Drag new batteries to walkman to get charged walkman. Will be useful in the school.

Click on door to enter Bruno's room. Bruno is Désiré's buff bro who likes to read as well.

Click on scopa on Bruno's bed. Will be useful for the aunts in the next part.

Talk to Bruno until "What are you reading nowadays?". You will know that Bruno is looking for a book to read.

Click on the door beside the clown poster to go back to the living room.

Go to photo room at the left of the living room.

Talk to dad and click "Do you need something?", then "I'm going to the newsagents". He will give you a 50 francs note to buy cigarettes for him. Now click "Aunt Nina needs you" and he will go to the living room for a while. Click on the pot behind Désiré to climb up and get the kinky poster. Also get the camera near the enlarger.

Go back to living room, get out of the house and click on the stairs going down. You will reach a neighbourhood.

From left: medical clinic (where the psychiatrist is), school (where the main drama is), newspapers (where you need to help dad buy the cigarettes), and faculty of medicine (where mom is).

Because we are such filial children, let's go to the newspaper stand to help dad with his errand first.


Talk to the sailor sitting down and you will hear him whining about finishing a book while coughing. Just finish talking to him because he is a main part of the entire story.

Talk to the newsagent. Ask him "Could I have a packet of Malboro please?", and he won't sell you his ciggies because you are underage (duh, what was dad thinking?!). Now ask him "Can I have the latest Tilt, please?" and click "Yes, I have a 50 franc banknote" to get coins and Tilt magazine.

Give the coins to the sailor. He will give you his manuscript and then he goes to sleep.

Click on the newspapers to read about Doctor Feinstein suspected of molesting. Doctor Feinstein is actually the psychiatrist in the medical clinic. We will go there later.


Go to school now.

David the bully will ask you for a Walkman, so you'll lose the charged walkman.

Talk to Nicolas and ask him about giving you tips on girls. Talk to David as well.

Go up to the library (near the stairs).

Talk to the Supervisor and ask her "do you like insects?", then "and rodents?" You will learn that she hates rats.

Talk to Sophie. She can be so damn irritating. Click on the book, then ask Sophie if she can lend you the book. Ask her what does she want in exchange, then ask her to think about it as you can make yourself useful. Fun part is here: ask her if she has a crush on Nicolas, then ask her if she thinks he's cute. After some denial just tell her to "admit it.. it's clear to everyone". You have then made a deal to ask Nicolas to go on a date with Sophie in exchange for the photography book.

Get out of the library and talk to Nicolas about Sophie, offer him a deal.

Drag Tilt Magazine to Nicolas.

Go back to the library and read the book.

You will learn 4 steps to developing a photo (Introduction to darkroom techniques for photography):
1. Pour developing fluid into empty tray
2. Expose the negative to light using an enlarger
3. Bathe the photo paper in the tray for a few seconds
4. Leave to dry

Now leave the library.


Go to the chapel.

Talk to Father Fouco (click the booth) and ask him for the photocopier card. He won't pass it to you but you learn that you will need to exchange something for it.

Talk to Nicholas and ask him if he ever confesses in chapel. Nicholas will share that Father Fouco has some sexual interest as well.


Now get out of school and go to the Faculty of Medicine.

Talk to mum and ask her for a mouse, tell her that "I need it to show at school", then click on the mouse in the cage at the right side of the faculty.

Go home.

Go to Bruno's bedroom and give Bruno the manuscript. As he is distracted, take the disk near the clown poster (I hate that poster).

Get out of the home and go to the medical clinic.


Talk to the operator and ask if you can go up to see the psychiatrist. She will reject you but it's fine.

Go out of the medical clinic and to the faculty of medicine.

Tell mum you would like to see the shrink today, and you would rather see him today, as "it's really important I need to speak to him".

Go back to the medical clinic. Ask the operator if you can go up to see the psychiatrist. She will agree so just click on the buttons beside the lift.


When inside the psychiatrist's office, drag the disk with padlock.

Take the porn tape from the locker.

Now let's go back to school, revenge time (part 3 of the walkthrough) is here!
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