Virtual Families 2 Home Renovation: Workshop Remodel (Pictures)

Not sure whether the game developers just have no idea how to decorate the workshop or is it just too much work to do it, but to be honest I don't fancy both designs. 

Please take note that you won't get the original workshop back, and you can interchange between the Wood Paneled Workshop Remodel and Checkered Workshop Remodel for free after you have paid for both. 

For those who are still unaware, Virtual Families 2 is a simulation game very similar yet much simpler than Sims where you get to control your character, start a family, and climb the career ladder. I like it more than Sims cos it's not so battery and data consuming (in fact, this game doesn't even use data!), and I don't really have so much time doing the other stuff that Sims has.

The original workshop
To be honest I think this is the best and I would recommend everyone not to buy the remodels 

Wood Paneled Workshop Remodel 
I chose this cos it's the better of both evils 

Checkered Workshop Remodel
Well I thought this would be perfect for the kitchen
The workshop already looks so cluttered as it already is (I bought all the career upgrades), so the checkers makes it looks even messier.

You can thank me by looking at the other remodels (make my game money worth it!):
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