Désiré 1992 Walkthrough Part 3: Revenge (Text only)

Revenge time!
Let's go to school.

Use kinky poster with David. His eyes will literally pop out and he will run to the toilet..

Go to the toilet and you will see him fapping (this game is obviously not PG13, please only play if you are above 16 years of age as suggested by the game).

Click on the right edge of the sink to go up.

Now use the camera with David. Time to go down and get out!


Go to the Chapel for some blackmailing fun.

Talk to Father Fouco and tell him that "I stole a video tape in my psychiatrist's office.", "I did not lie about that tape.", and "Ask for the photocopying card". He will give it to you so that he can have the porn tape for his sick fantasies.

Ok now it is time to go back home.


Use Scopa with Aunt Nina's sleeve. Talk to Aunt Lucia and tell her that Nina is cheating. They will then get into a argument with each other. Gives you loads of time to develop the photo now!

Go into the photo room and tell dad that there's a problem with the aunties.

Now that dad is gone, use camera with enlarger and take the exposed photo.

Use keys with cupboard and get the flask.

Use flask with basin to get full basin.

Use exposed photo with full basin to get developed photo. And we're done!

I just think the aunts are hilarious.

Lets go back to school and into the library for some photocopying magic!


Use mouse with desk to scare the supervisor away.

Use photocopying card with printer to make it work.

Use developed photo with printer and 1992 ends.

We will go straight to 2003 where Désiré becomes an adult.

(View Part 1: Beach and Part 2: School of 1992)
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