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Tiny Pixel Farm Walkthrough (Text Only)

Tiny Pixel Farm is an idle farming game, which is awesome for working people like me cos I only have to play it every few days and nobody dies unlike my poor villagers in VVO2. :(

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Anyway, this game is multifaceted and can be very addictive because of the many things to do:

Buying landUnlocking cages and animalsCollecting hearts from visiting animals Getting trees and getting juicesUpgrading the storeUpgrading the silo/fridge Hiring and training staff Expanding the hotelPlaying the truck dice game (in the farm)Managing 2 different worlds - farm and island (unlocked at level 20)
My guide to efficient gameplay (without clicking on ads)
1. Know what is your objective is and head towards it
The aim of the game is really decided by you. You can plan to fill the encyclopedia (unlock all animals and hotel guests), o…
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