Xcape: Upside Down Review

Xcape has a lot of escape rooms and has been quoted to be one of the largest and best in Singapore. I've only been to one room so I can't say much, but I wasn't 100% pleased with the service here. The best rooms are the scary ones, such as Annabelle (where they said they actually bought the Annabelle doll from the museum). I won't be reviewing that cos I'm a scaredery cat lol..

Anyway, go to the corner of Bugis Street and up the stairs at Xcape season 2 and tell the staff you want to play Upside Down. It's actually a Harry Potter themed escape room so I guess HP fans will take some joy in this? Unfortunately I forgot a lot of my HP knowledge but it doesn't really matter actually.

This room is a single room, which means that you won't be unlocking doors to another room or climbing to another compound, etc. There are some cool mechanics in the room, don't worry.

It was just two of us today, me and my friend trying out escape room for the first time. We felt it was relatively simple and we did not use any clues until the last puzzle, which hardly made any sense to us. When the timer was up (we unfortunately did not escape!), the gamemaster came in and told us the answer. But she couldn't explain why the answer was as such - she basically just memorised it! The other guy couldn't help us to explain the puzzle as well, which made me feel like did I just waste my hour?

So anyway ratings:

Difficulty: 2/5
Fear factor: 1/5 (if you have a friend who fears falling items then please prep him/her before going, but it only happens once so I guess it's ok)
Darkness of room: 1/5
Technology: 2/5
No. of pax: At least 2 (other 2 rooms that allow couples to play are the Doraemon themed room + Whisper of the Dead)

I think for the price ($28/pax), it is more worth it to play in other rooms. I'm looking forward to play other rooms!!
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