Phuket Food Review: No. 6 Restaurant

Here's a short food review of No. 6 Restaurant that we been. Thai food here is simply great! Please note that there are 2 No. 6 restaurants in Phuket, and they are both linked to each other. One is a street shop while the other is at the hill top. You can get a free ride up the tuk tuk from the street stall and the hilltop and vice versa, so don't be skeptical if any of the staff asks if you would like to go to the other No. 6 restaurant when the current one is full. 

This is what we ordered at the street stall - green curry, pad thai (squid), glass noodles and papaya salad. Together with some Chang Beer, think we spent about 590 baht (~S$24) on this (really super duper worth it!). 

Green curry
Good, a bit too dilute for my liking but very flavourful

Pad thai
I love pad thai and this is very awesome - one of the best I have ever eaten!! A bit on the sweet side but not too unappealing, really a must try for all visitors!

Glass noodles
I'm not too big of a fan but it is still nice. There's nothing not nice in this restaurant!!

Papaya salad
Very smooth and refreshing. Not for those who don't like taking spices.
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