Random dental questions

I'll just post anything random that pops out of my mind here (and the date I thought of these questions),

1. Can I drink milk after brushing my teeth? (22 May 2017)
No (from 5 sources: x o x o x)

Milk contains lactose, which will form a layer of glucose/sugar coating the teeth. All that sugar will serve as food for the bacteria to form an acidic environment which will allow more bacteria to grow and feed on the sugar which contributes to an acidic environment which will allow... (you get the point)

All that bacteria is going to chew on the tooth enamel (lol dat pun), causing dental plaque and eventually tooth decay.

So when your parents ask you to drink a glass before going to bed (so that you will be tall and strong or whatever), tell them that you rather be short and weak with a cute smile. Just drink in the morning you will still be tall and strong!!

2. What should I do to get rid of my bunny teeth? (28 May 2017)

Bunny teeth in dental terms is otherwise known as Class II malocclusion (which means that if you bite your teeth, the top row of teeth would be jutting out a fair bit from the lower teeth). The only way is unfortunately putting on braces but the good news is that with Invisalign now, nobody will know you are wearing braces!
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