Which apps to download before travelling in Singapore

Think this is particularly useful for tourists and the geographically challenged like me. Please let me know if you have any great apps to introduce!

Disclaimer: Nobody was bribed or paid in the process of making this post.

1. Singapore MRT

FYI: MRT refers to Mass Rapid Transit, or otherwise known as train/subway. Notoriously known to break down or pause for 5 minutes or more, which is normal in the eyes of foreigners but something unacceptable by locals here.

It's a super good offline map for people to get around. At this moment (May 2017), there are 5 MRT lines in Singapore - East West Line (where the airport is), North South Line (to get to town - Orchard Road), North East Line (mainly to connect those in Punggol and Sengkang to the world), Circle Line (you can find good food along this line), and Downtown Line (whoever thought of this is a genius).

The colours kinda look like Power Rangers, but with the construction of the Thomson-East Coast Line (which will be my new favourite line) it probably becomes the new colour scheme for transformers. 

Anyway back to the main point: by using zero data, you can use the app to figure the fastest route (for those in a hurry), or the least transfers (for those lazy to walk - it's not even that far). It can be more reliable than maps, so why not?

2. SBS Transit Iris

Think this is my favourite app for bus services (because it is the original and most accurate one from SBS - the biggest public bus company in Singapore). Though it doesn't include the SMRT buses, I think it is good enough.

3. Wireless@SG

Wireless@SG is almost everywhere - MRT stations, malls, etc. Wifi is so available here so just this app (or go to Starbucks) and don't waste money getting a SIM card.

Another tip is to download the Singapore map offline from Google Maps so that you can go where you want without wasting data.

Last apps to introduce are Uber and Grab!! Definitely must download because of their generous codes which makes taxi drivers so angry! (my uber code is 2ud7w8 hehe). But seriously for anyone who is lost, just go to the nearest bus stop and take the bus to the nearest MRT station to get your bearings. If not just get a Uber/Grab to get back. It's not very expensive and much less if you use the shared cars - you also get to chat and befriend the quirky drivers and listen to their jokes/horror stories!

Will add more when I think of any useful apps but I think 5 are good enough especially if you are someone who read road maps like mazes.
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