Escape Hunt: The White Chapel Murderer Review

Today we went to Escape Hunt to try our 2nd room there (White Chapel Murderer), and it was great! I would not suggest this room to beginners because some intuition is needed to complete some of the tasks (one of the puzzles which we needed help in required us to "read in a way that we usually would"). It's also a good room for the more experienced as the puzzles in this room are not the typical kind you'd experience in other rooms. Generally it was very visually and audibly entertaining! 

For a scaredary cat like me, this escape room is not scary despite its theme, so people with low fear tolerance should be able to survive this (you don't have to touch anything gruesome)! The rooms are also not pitch dark so don't worry!

Each time I thought I was close to escaping the room, there will be another puzzle that awaits me. Can be quite antagonizing but at the same time very exciting (and sometimes amusing). There is this one puzzle which would put you at the edge of your seats, and that was the winning puzzle for me. I would highly recommend this room!

(Ratings according to what I look out for in the room)
Difficulty: 3.8/5
Fear factor: 1.5/5
Darkness of room: 1.5/5
Technology: 3.5/5
No. of pax: At least 2

P.S. If you book a room online before 31 May 2017, type in the code "3rdbirthday" to receive 35% off (very worth it)!
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