Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Quick Look at Chapter 2

So Chapter 2 of Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is finally out!!! I have just updated the app, so please give me some time to update my crafting and resources page, and also to solve the puzzles!

But for now, a quick peek:

We see 10 new puzzles (this time with a "..." at the spot where the 11th puzzle should be - is it a hint that LDW is going to have a holiday puzzle and then another a third chapter, just like how chapter 2 was created?)

Let's take some time to analyze this completed puzzle by Jing-jing Garcia Siador (thank you so much)! I have to take my time since I need to find out the prerequisites for new players. 

Puzzle 12: Residence hut
Puzzle 13: Mural
Puzzle 14: Scarecrows to get rid of those pests
Puzzle 15: Some kind of pit
Puzzle 16: Goodbye bear (you can see it where the reeds are)
Puzzle 17: Flower garden? (where kraken statue was)
Puzzle 18: Healing Hut
Puzzle 19: School
Puzzle 20: Telescope
Puzzle 21: Reservoir 

The game starts with a volcano eruption. To be honest I am quite disappointed that crumbling the island is how chapter 2 starts.. so you mean everything I did in chapter 1 is lost??? I thought they would move the rock beside the cave to unlock a new world.. (which could be the ending for chapter 2..)

So everything is engulfed in flames.. Good thing is that new things keep popping up after the flames have been extinguished. 

More houses = larger population? 

And of course, more advanced technologies and more crafting recipes. 
Good news is that I have already updated my crafting and resources page - check it out!

Apparently our ladies can now give birth to twins and even triplets! 
Special thanks to Blythe Lim for sharing!

Ok now to actually playing the game!

Want to have the full access to the walkthroughs? Don't want to spend your precious time clicking on endless websites and not getting the information you need? You are in luck! The only guide you need is here, and it will help you with everything you need to know.

Click here to download it:

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