Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Puzzle 8 + Puzzle 9 (Text Only)

For the rest of the puzzles and other guides, you can refer to the general walkthrough or just scroll all the way to the end of the article! Good thing is that both puzzles 8 and 9 are not too difficult, hence being in the same page. I'm sure you'll move on to the last three levels pretty quickly!

Puzzle 8: Clay Hut

You can figure how to make the clay hut to complete puzzle 7 here. With the clay hut, you can house another 5 villagers. For starters, you need:
  • Master builder
  • Master gatherer
  • Level 3 construction technology
  • Level 3 crafting technology

This level is simple yet difficult at the same time - simple in terms of number of steps needed, but difficult in terms of fulfilling the prerequisites.

The steps are:

  1. Craft 12 clay bricks (it should take you 55 min per brick, refer here).
  2. You will need a master gatherer to move the clay bricks to the clay hut.
  3. After you have all 12 bricks at the clay hut, get a master builder to complete the hut.
  4. The puzzle is complete. Collect your lavastones! 

Puzzle 9: Antidote

You can figure how to make the antidote to complete puzzle 8 here. You need the following: 
  • Puzzle 3 (Kraken statue) complete
  • Level 1 crafting technology
Well I’m not sure why this puzzle is put as number 8 given the level of difficulty as compared to the previous levels. Anyway, steps as follows:
  1. Drag 2 adult villagers to one of the tentacles of the Kraken statue to lift it up.
  2. While the tentacle is up, drag a child villager to get the pile of sticks underneath. 
  3. The child will carry the sticks to the pond (at the bottom right corner of the island) and make a nest
  4. Craft mini eggs (refer here) 
  5. Drag an adult villager to put them in the nest
  6. When it rains, the pond will be filled with water. Drag an adult villager to gather poison from the nest (you can get a kid but he/she won’t become poisoned). 
  7. The pond will then become green, preventing other villagers from collecting pond water. The adult villager will also become sick.
Note: pond water isn’t really important but it’s good to collect a few before turning your pond green. Also, the green pond is an excellent way to make your adult villagers sick to train your healer (and hopefully nurture a master villager)
  1. Use the poison to craft an antidote 
  2. Drag an adult villager to use the antidote on the pond
  3. The puzzle is complete. Collect your lavastones! 

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