Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Puzzle 4 + Puzzle 5 (Text Only)

Puzzle 4 - Kraken
You need to complete puzzle 1, have level 1 construction and level 1 crafting (which means you must have upgraded construction and crafting once)

If you have not seen the blue-faced villager (probably if you have not followed the tutorial at the start), you have to do these:
  1. Drag an adult villager to the water buckets near the research table to collect water
  2. Drag an adult villager to the cave to collect coal
  3. Click on the crafting hut and craft water and coal together (45 min)
  4. Drag an adult villager to the crafting hut and take the oil. The villager will bring the oil to the Kraken statue.
So now, to complete the tutorial, drag an adult villager to the crafting hut for him/her to take fire to light the oil lamps.

Now you will need to find the eyes of the Kraken statue. They look like pebbles lol.
One is at the bottom right of the island just below the reeds.

The other is below the mixing table beside the foot of the lava (and also above the field). To get this one, you need to collect water, then drag your adult villager to the crafting hut to get the water to cool it down before carrying it to the Kraken Statue.

Drag a builder adult villager to the statue to install the eyes. 
After which, the rocks in the centre of the island will fall. You will need 2 builder villagers to push the rocks at the same time. The rocks will then fall and the Kraken will appear. 

Puzzle 4 is complete! Collect your 3 lavastones!

Puzzle 5 - Kraken Statue
You need to complete puzzle 4 (duh)

  1. You will need to fill the empty pedestals with stones and metals to create worshipping points. 
  2. Mix lava and water to make stone, and stone and fire to make metal (you can refer to my crafting and resources guide here). 
  3. You will need 2 stones and 2 metals. 
  4. Get your adult villagers to carry the items to the pedestals. 
  5. Get 4 scientists to stand on each pedestal to worship the kraken statue. 

The village will shake and 3 metal holes will pop out of nowhere. When you click on them, you will realise that they are blue, yellow, and red statues and they have 3 parts each to complete. That will be for puzzle 11 and 12. 

The puzzle is now complete! Collect your 3 lavastones again!

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