Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Christmas Holiday Event 2017 (Text Only)

For 2017, you have 17 days to make holiday lights.
To make the lights, you need to get glass and firefly.
LDW has very kindly given the formula for glass = fire + sand.

To get the necessary items (from my resources and crafting guide)
  • Fire = Either pick up pieces of burnt wood near the fire when it appears, or drag an adult to the dry wood pile on the left of the research area then pick up the pieces of burnt wood
  • Sand = Drag an adult south of the crafting house (also where earth and cactus are)
  • Firefly = Drag an adult or child on the flying bugs with light

For 20 holiday lights, you get lavastones. 40 holiday lights and you get a holiday totem (very cute snowman!), and 80 holiday lights rewards you with a box. I'll update what the items do when I reach those milestones, I'm only at 10 lights!!! :/

Update (29 Dec): You get 50 lavastones for 20 holiday lights. I need to be faster!!
Update (31 Dec): You get the snowman totem for 40 holiday lights! The totem gives you bonus points for techpoints researched. There seems to be no specific equation for this because I keep getting different bonuses, but it is around 1 bonus point to every 25-35 researched points. You also get extra points when you are in the game not to worry (about extra 4 points?).

it looks very cute though 

Update (5 Jan): Finally got everything!!! You will get a tube at the waterfall area. It looks ridiculous but when you move your villager who is weak on it, it makes them healthier. To be honest I'm quite disappointed to waste the lavastones for this tube since my villagers are always healthy!! >:(

My strategy
It takes 1.5 hours (90 min) to make the glass, and 45 min to make the holiday lights. This means it will take 135 min for everything. What I usually do is to check in the game once in a while, and use my lavastones if necessary. Because the crafting is such that every 30 min requires 1 extra lavastone, I usually wait until multiples of 30 to use them. This also means that I usually wait 15 min for the holiday light formula so that I only use 1 lavastone instead of 2 to craft it quickly. Of course, if you have a lot of time, you could just refresh the app every 90 and 45 min respectively.

Let me know what works best for you!

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