Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Puzzle 6 + Puzzle 7 (Text Only)

Puzzle 6: Garden

This page teaches you how to unlock the garden. Honestly, the garden does not do much except give you access to the rhubarb, strawberry, and blueberry, which will be important in puzzle 7 (pie) and puzzle 11 (coloured glass). Many of you may think it’s another source of food but nope.

Hint:  You can start preparing fertilizers before attempting the puzzle to save time 

Anyway, prerequisites:
  • Master farmer
  • Level 2 farming technology
  • Level 1 crafting technology
Once you have achieved the following technology levels, the tree near the crafting hut should be dead and there should be a seed beside it.
  1. Use a master farmer to take the seed beside the dead tree
  2. The farmer will move the seed to the garden and it will dry in 2 hours
  3. Drag a child to dry garden 
  4. Drag a master farmer to the seed bag beside the research table. Do this 3 times - 1 for each fruit (rhubarb, strawberry and blueberry)
  5. Craft 3 fertilizers (which will take you about 4 hours and 10 minutes, or 250 minutes in total for each fertilizer - you can refer to my crafting guide here for more information).
  6. Wait for the fruits to be ready (takes about 3-4 hours each)
  7. Gather each fruit and the puzzle is complete! Collect your lava stones!

Note: I think this is a glitch but you cannot gather any of the fruits if there are seeds in the garden - you need to fertilize them first, which can be quite a pain. 

Puzzle 7: Pie

You can figure how to make the pie to complete puzzle 7 here. For starters, you need:
  • Puzzle 5 (Garden) completed
  • Master farmer
  • Level 2 farming technology
  • Level 2 crafting technology
Ok so just follow and you should be fine!
  1. Drag your master farmer to take the apple and rhubarb (from the crafting hut) to the kitchen table (beside the round table).
  2. Craft dough (refer here) and get an adult villager to bring it to the table as well.
  3. Drag a master farmer to prepare the pie.
  4. Get an adult villager to the pile of rocks near the dry pile of wood. He/she will put it at the oven.
  5. Let your master farmer put the pie in the oven. 
  6. After 3 minutes, it will be done. 
  7. Get 3 villagers to each the pie.
  8. You will see the village shake and a part of the red statue will appear. 
  9. The quest is complete! Collect your lavastones!

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