Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Tutorial + Puzzle 1 (Text Only)

You start the game by choosing 5 villagers, a good tip would be to:
  • Choose at least 1 male adult and 1 female adult (for mating purposes)
  • Choose at least 1 child (to get child-only privileges like getting mushrooms or removing frogs)
  • Try to get villagers who like running (saves time doing work)
  • Villagers who like work are good too (so they don't stray easily)
  • Conversely, try not to get villagers who dislike running or work
  • I would make 1 child and make the other 4 adults 
The story starts

In the wake of a volcanic terror on their home island, a group of survivors have set sail, seeking a new home. They discover Isola, a magical island paradise! Once home to a thriving society, now ruins and jungle! As their boat lands on the beach, a MYSTERIOUS MAN appears before them... 

Would you like HELP?
Click yes to start the tutorial, no if you know what's going on. The tutorial guide you on how to complete the first puzzle, which you can also do on your own if you like. 

  • Tap on a villager to select him/her and see his/her demographics
  • Drag a villager to move him/her around
  • Drag a villager to the coconut tree to forage for food
  • Try dragging villager to coconut again
  • Drag a villager to the research table
  • Click on technologies screen
  • Drag a villager to pick up the coconut husk
  • Drag a villager to pick up the firewood
  • Drag a villager to light up the fire 
  • Click the puzzle screen
  • Click on a villager and select a skill preference
  • Add a lavastone to the villager
  • Fix the love shack by dragging a villager onto it
  • When love shack is fixed, puzzle 1 is complete! Get your lavastones reward! 
  • Drag a male or female adult villager on another adult villager of the opposite gender until they both move into the love shack
  • A baby is born!

Want to have the full access to the walkthroughs? Don't want to spend your precious time clicking on endless websites and not getting the information you need? You are in luck! The only guide you need is here, and it will help you with everything you need to know.

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