Virtual Villagers Origins 2: Healing Skill Guide (Text Only)

So you need a healer to
  • Support the sick villagers
  • Prolong the general lifespan of your villagers
  • Get a master villager to complete puzzles (like puzzle 11 to build the green statue)
  • Get the master villager to wear the fancy yellow cloak
The problem is when you assign someone to be the healer, all he/she does is laze around until someone is sick. It is utterly a waste of time and a huge opportunity cost of resources gained, but I guess you have no choice. 

Healing is definitely the most hated skill. 

There are a few things you can do to enhance the healing skills of your villagers - the most important being to make your villagers sick.

1. Use the same villager to heal all sick villagers
This works but it is totally by chance that villagers get sick (unless they are old). And if your medicine is at level 3, it's gonna be much tougher to get villagers sick. Best to use someone who dislikes working to be a healer, but if you want a master villager, it's best to use someone who likes running (so that they can max other skills at double the speed) or someone who likes working (so he/she does not do things like laundry or getting some sun)

2. Use adult villagers to remove the poisonous frogs
If your medicine is not at level 3, your villager will most likely be sick. Use your healer to heal him/her.

3. Use adult villagers to get poison (before completing puzzle 9)
This will make the person sick = more chances for healer to improve himself/herself

4. Limit amount of food for village
Do not assign any villagers to be a farmer. When the villagers do not have enough food, they become weak and sick. Let the healer heal them and when you have reached your goal, reassign farmers to the village or watch the advertisement videos (if you are really desperate) to restore health and safety in the village again. 

5. Use your lavastones
If you think the work is too much of a hassle and you want an easy way out, just click on any villager and spin the lavastone wheel. If you are lucky, you can get the master villager and all your problems are solved. Note that the master villager option only comes out once, so you need to reincarnate your master villager at 20 lavastones should you need a master villager again. 

Hope this helps!

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