Virtual Villagers Origins 2: New Update: New Puzzle 2! (Text Only)

Yes!! A new update is here again! This is what it entails (or what's important to me):
1. A trading boat! Fixing the pier lets you complete puzzle 2. Puzzle 3 onwards are moved to puzzle 4 and so on, I'll adjust my puzzle guide later too. But seriously the techpoints are not important especially after you have maxed out your technologies. It's still a cool addition though! 

2. Harvesting fixed! This means that you can get rhubarb, strawberry and blueberry without waiting for all of them to grow/fertilize. Yay! 

3. Vine on stairs spawn as per normal! This is good cos we always need vines for ropes!

4. Removed confused feedback in the ocean. No more will the villagers be 'not sure what to do'. I was also unsure of what it meant but I guess it's now proven to be a red herring! 

5. Fixed clothing hut feedback for braids. YES!!! This is the only thing pulling me back from puzzle 10 (now 11). I will complete the guide once I'm done! 

And more:
Not sure how raining more is useful except for solving the antidote puzzle

Ok so now that there's a new puzzle 2, lets figure how to make this trading boat appear.

So you have to get 3 pieces of wood - 2 blanks beside the flower to be pollinated and beside the crafting hut, and 1 mini log above the farm (refer to photos below):

Drag three adult villagers to each wood piece and they will put it beside the pier.

Drag any three adult villagers to the pieces for them to fix it.

Once done, the trading boat will come to the raft. Collect your three lavastones!

If you click on the boat, the following screen will appear. Apparently you can trade the following crafted items for technologies, which is great for new players who need to purchase them. This also solves the issue of slow techpoints gathering time, so I really appreciate this new addition to the game!! 

There's also a dragon beacon which can be used to recall the trading boat, so I guess it's either only going to be present for a day before we have to use techpoints to call it back. I guess it's also good, players can use the time to gather the necessary items before calling the trading boat back (hopefully the list does not shuffle!)

That's all for this page! Really happy about the update and I'm definitely looking forward to more!

Want to have the full access to the walkthroughs? Don't want to spend your precious time clicking on endless websites and not getting the information you need? You are in luck! The only guide you need is here, and it will help you with everything you need to know.

Click here to download it:

[Update 28/1] I included a video guide to solving the puzzle (for those who are interested!)

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