41148 Episode 4 Walkthrough Main End (Text Only)

From episode 4 part 2, you were given a choice between going underground or continuing your mission.

If you choose to continue walking, keep going right till you reach the statue with the legs. A demon will pop out of nowhere (I swear I keep getting shocked by this game). Fornos then appears and you reveal your identity while asking him for information about the filming for the drinks. You hold Fornos at gunpoint and he shares that the head of Circle company is called Alister Cimiries. Before Fornos could give you the location of Circle company, Amado appears and shoots you.

1. Follow the direction of the red lines to avoid being attacked. Click on the red circles to attack. You then manage to track Amado and find the location of Circle company.

2. Put your phone in the basket. Go all the way to the left and see the vase. Now go back and take the metal replica. Take the metal replica when the laser is shining at the left. Use the metal replica on the vase and the security guard will try to taser you. Click on the red and cyan circles to stun him and take his key card for the lift.

3. You now have 30 sec to go up to the next lift. Take the golden brick, which is at the right hand of the warped image of Jesus on the wall. The security guard will try to fight you but you can overcome them by clicking on the red circle at his head. Run to the lift and use the key on the lift. HOLD the green button for it to open.

4. You are greeted by Amado and a shotgun. Just follow the directions of the red lines and press the circles to blow his brains out and kill his other minions (the thrill is killing me!!). Take the Alister Card from Amado and use it on the door and the lift to go up for the final battle!!!

5. As Alister goes live, you come in the room with a shotgun, pointing it to his forehead. Alister is hideous. You also flash the evidence against Alister for the world to judge him. He shoots you in the eye and you fall to the ground. He shoots you another 3 times because he is evil. Some green light comes to him and he confesses his sins and that he is the creator of Father. He then falls out of the building and the green light disappears.

6. The ending scene is where Arash puts flowers on your grave, before revealing his true identity as Lily. Lily hints that you were going to go after another group after Circle company and sun church were destroyed, but I have completely no idea what group is that (is it hinting for a sequel???)

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